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Persil ProClean

Can you believe we’re already in mid-March? I sure can’t, but I am definitely excited to start my spring cleaning! I know that isn’t something you say or hear often, but I’ve finally cracked the code for cleaning, organizing and decluttering that makes spring cleaning so simple in my house!

My main goals when it comes to spring cleaning include:
1. Deep cleaning the kitchen and our bathrooms
2. Freshening up linens, de-cluttering closets and refreshing our family’s wardrobes
3. Cleaning the carpets
4. Cleaning our basement and giving away items

When it comes to #2, de-cluttering the family’s closets always seems to be the most tedious and take the longest! I know I can’t be the only one – and when it comes to the kids’ closets, deciding what stays, what goes and what doesn’t fit or look clean anymore is always a hassle! That’s when I bring in my Persil ProClean, I don’t have to worry a bit about what can stay or what can go from our wardrobes. The Persil ProClean is a huge help in removing stains without ruining the quality of color of any clothing item and the fact that it’s available at Walmart is a huge help, too!

Persil ProClean

I’ve begun to declutter my own closet this season and let me tell you – I have a lot of things I forgot about, ha! I even found a few things that I forgot I owned, and haven’t even taken the tags off of yet. Although they’re new, they’ve been sitting in my closet for a while and with the help of my Persil ProClean, these tops now look as clean and new as they are!

Every time I head over to Walmart to cross a few things off of my to-do and grocery lists I can easily pick up some of the Persil ProClean and stock up so I never run out. It’s one of the few things I hoard in my laundry room (or home in general) because it’s just THAT good. Seriously – I never knew my past laundry detergents weren’t top-notch until I began using Persil ProClean. Now when the kids come to Walmart with me, they always remind me to get some more Persil ProClean, too!

Persil ProClean Laundry Detergent

This laundry detergent is like no other and while it’s super affordable, there’s an awesome $2 off coupon code to take with you to shop! This laundry detergent has become such an important factor in our household, and it’s really been a life and time saver when it comes to my spring cleaning! Life is hectic and while time is of the essence, the Persil ProClean laundry detergent is what you need to 1. help refresh your clothes and linens and 2. save a TON of time in your cleaning process!

The Persil ProClean is the spring cleaning tool that you need to add to your spring cleaning regimine! Trust me, you’ll wonder why you never switched over sooner! Thank me later, head to Walmart to pick up your Persil ProClean and enjoy your spring cleaning! 😉

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Persil. All opinions are my own.

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    CalviN F.
    May 11, 2017 at 11:05 AM

    Awesome, I tried their sample, it was very effective in cleaning. Only thing is it does cost a bit more than the standard stuff.

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