Can’t Touch This! New LYSOL No-Touch Hand Soap System


Think about everything our hands come in contact with throughout the day, and the millions of germs and bacteria we transfer to everything we touch at home. Our furniture, kitchen appliances/utensils, and surprisingly even our soap dispensers! With four young children, I know how messy kids get and how many things their hands come in contact with after a few hours of playing at the park, going to the store or when they are at school. Even though they wash they hands, bacteria and germs still get onto the soap dispenser – and with all four doing the same routine, I am sure that they are spreading germs to each other through that. This is why I’m so thankful for the new  LYSOL No-Touch Hand Soap System. It’s a much needed product in our homes. Unlike our old dispensers, this system helps prevent germs from spreading because kids don’t have to push a pump, and the sensor gives just the right amount needed, so no globs of soap is wasted – not to mention the little ones are so entertained by it! It is also very easy to maintain. There is an on and off switch, the soap refill just pushes into the dispenser until it clicks into place and the nozzle only needs to be wiped occasionally to prevent build up. This is such a great idea; I’ve decided to put one in all the bathrooms and the kitchen.

The LYSOL No-Touch Hand Soap System wants to help stop the spread of germs that carry all types of diseases that eventually lead to minor and major illness.  From cooking, to projects, to kids playing outside, this is important because Lysol kills 99.9% of bacteria, something we all can benefit from in the home. Lysol recognizes that kids deserve to play and have fun, but they also know how much germs children pick up, so they’ve developed this system that has 10 times the protection of leading products, to make sure kids enjoy their time while being able to stay safe and clean from all the germs and bacteria.

We also want to let our children know how important it is to always wash their hands, so on February 25th, Lysol launched The Kid Who Touches Everything contest. You could win a grand prize family trip to Disney by submitting your child’s messiest moment photo! See the rules below:

No purchase necessary. Contest runs from 2/25/13-5/25/13. Open to resident 18+. Void where prohibited. Click here for official contest rules.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of MomCentral Consulting for LYSOL®. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

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