About Daisy Teh

“Vow to stand out.”


The biggest challenge women (especially Moms) face is time. Time to get ready in the mornings, time with the family, time for yourself — managing time is a daily battle. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved all things fashion and beauty.


My grandmother owned her own home salon where I experimented cutting my own hair (and then swept it under the rug thinking no one would notice) and it was at that tender age of seven where I first experienced the exhilaration of styling. Soooo…I did end up looking like a boy for my school pictures, but it was the start of something beautiful that has now made me who I am today. I studied Cosmetology after being selected and accepted into a special program as an elective during high school and later obtained my Cosmetology license at the early age of 18. Style and I go waaaaay back!


I went through a roller coaster they call life from 18-25. From college to trying different careers in real estate to having children starting at the age of 17 (you read that right, I was a teen mom), to going through a divorce to finding my soulmate – I was a hot mess. I let myself go, I focused on providing for my family as a single mom, and I had no stability.


I will say the biggest challenge I faced when I first had children was the ability to take care of myself. Who had time to think about taking care of themselves?! I certainly didn’t and I had no guide or anyone to show me how.


Everything I discovered were found in magazines or through social networks but it was still difficult to find. You know what I wanted? I wanted to cut to the chase and get directly to the source.


I wanted what I was looking for to be easily attainable but I also wanted to have research to back it up by real people who experienced it for themselves firsthand. Nowadays, this is what we call a blog!


We made something pretty amazing come to fruition when we launched TheItMom.com – it was a site dedicated to helping Moms easily look good in everything they do. We offer resources, ideas, tips, life hacks that are easily attainable so you can manage your time better. We are often asked about the meaning of TheItMom — what we created was a Mom version of The ‘It’-Girl.


We want you to be able to walk into any room with everyone drawn to your mega-confidence. Because when you feel good on the inside, you look good on the outside! You’ve got one life to live, make it count!


My name is Daisy Teh. I was a teen mom whom others thought could never make anything of my life, but I was determined to breakthrough that status quo. With a passion for creative writing and my love for helping people, TheItMom.com was created for the love of lifestyle — the latest in fashion and beauty trends, traveling jetsetter style, delicious (and easy) food and drink recipes, and family friendly fun. Your life, styled. I’ve created a resource that inspires Moms to take action and to consider style as a way of life. I’ve been featured in All You Magazine, published by Time Inc, MainStreet.com, and have been on several national television and radio networks. I am also the official spokesperson for Cascade Platinum and am obsessed with organization because I spent so many years disorganized and got fed up with it. As a kid, I’ve always dreamed of impacting the lives of millions and I didn’t let my circumstances affect my future. My struggles have become my successes.

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Our Stats:
TheItMom.com is a life + style blog established in August 2011 that focuses on modern mom style, beauty reviews and first impressions, fashion trends, and Daisy’s hilarious take on life as a millenial mom – including recipes that make your party spread look good, and DIY How-To tutorials (the life hack way). Our total sphere of influence and reach spans to over 4.5 Million worldwide and growing. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for our readers, so it comes naturally to put our readers needs and wants as our first priority. Our goal is to be brand advocates on products most relevant and resourceful to our readers and to help brands get the word out to those who have the most influential buying power – Moms! So we created this media kit as a portfolio of our professional services. Here’s where we stand today…

TheItMom.com’s current stats:
* 125,000 Pageviews (via Google Analytics for http://www.TheItMom.com/)
* 52,000+ Facebook Fans | 145,000 reach (via Facebook Insights) (http://www.facebook.com/TheItMom)
* 76,000+ Twitter Followers | 6,692,318 impressions (via Tweetreach.com for @TheItMom)
* 23,000+ Pinterest Followers (@TheItMom | http://www.Pinterest.com/TheItMom)
* 200,000+ Instagram Followers (@TheItMom | http://www.Instagram.com/TheItMom)
* 2,200+ YouTube Subscribers (@TheItMom | http://www.YouTube.com/TheItMom)
* 1,700+ Google+ Followers (http://www.google.com/+DaisyTeh)
* Average Page Authority = 50.54
* Average Domain Authority = 43.05
* Average MozRank = 5.30
* Alexa Score (United States): 192,380
* Alexa Score (Worldwide): 546,399
* Klout Score: 72

TheItMom.com’s Demographics:
* Women (75.8%) – Mothers (83%)
* Men (24.2%)
* Ages 25-44
* United States (Top 10 States: Ohio, Oregon, Michigan, California, Virginia, New York, Kansas, Texas, Florida, Nevada)
* Canada
* United Kingdom
* Philippines
* Top Interests: Shopping, Home Decor, Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Entertainment


Recent Awards:
* 2014 Top 100 StartUpNation Leading Moms in Business
* 2013 The Great Dad Cook-Off by ConAgra Foods Finalist
* 2013 Circle of Moms Top 25 Couponing Moms
* 2012 StartUp Nation’s Leading Moms in Business Competition Winner
* 2012 Circle of Moms Top 25 Money Saving Moms

Our Brand Partners


Some of our brand partnerships:

  • Walmart
  • P&G
  • Macy’s
  • Martha Stewart Cookbooks
  • Beaches Resorts
  • Clear Hair Care
  • HP Smart Mom
  • 6pm.com
  • Nike Blogger Ambassador
  • Cricket Wireless Spokesperson
  • HP Ink Challenge Blogger
  • Kia Blogger Ambassador
  • Hyundai Blogger Ambassador
  • Toyota Blogger Ambassador
  • Ford Connect Blogger
  • Nature’s Sleep Blogger
  • Hilton HHonors Blogger
  • Dramamine Road Warrior Blogger
  • Got Milk? Blogger
  • Best Buy Blogger
  • ConAgra Great Dad Cook-off
  • PopSugar Top Money Saving Mom
  • PopSugar Couponing Mom
  • Goodnites Blogger Ambassador
  • Crest Brilliance Boost Ambassador
  • Cascade Platinum OFFICIAL Spokesperson
  • Kohl’s #MakeYourMove Ambassador
  • Vick’s Ambassador




Did you know that TheItMom.com spans more than just a readership of modern moms? Together with TheItDad.net, we provide a conglomerate of opportunities to reach a wider demographic audience (including modern dads). We love building lasting relationships and are selective with who we collaborate with  – we only want to feature products and services our readers want to learn more about.
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