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“Vow to stand out.”

Behind every success story was the struggle – and my struggles became my successes.

The 3 most impactful words that a mentor said to me that changed the whole landscape and course of my life was:

“What’s your story?”

What’s your purpose? What do you want to be when you grow up? Ever ask yourself those questions? I certainly have in my 20’s, 30’s and now 40’s.

For me, I was born in the Philippines and arrived in the U.S. at the age of 3. By the age of 17, I became a teen mom. I was told that I was doomed to become a statistical failure of living in poverty and on welfare. And I lived like that, and believed that…until I didn’t.

Fast forward to 25 years and four kids later, and I’m all grown up with a corporate job (11 years as a Corporate Recruiter) along with a few digital and product based businesses my husband and I own that bring in six-figures in combined annual profit. And let’s not forget about the $500,000 in blogging income we’ve made throughout the years thanks to commercials, brand sponsorships, and affiliate commissions.

Listen up! I know the feeling of unworthiness and shame. But you have the ability to choose the right thoughts, and take the right actions to change the course and outcomes of your life. Because behind every success story was the struggle. It’s all part of my story. And I’m sure it’s all part of your own story too. This is why I am so passionate about impacting the lives of women, especially moms, in helping to shape YOUR story.

There is empowerment through transformation. It’s time for you, Mama, to stop feeling defeated, burned out and invisible. Vow to stand out from the crowd, own the room when you walk through those doors, and lift your head high with confidence.

Because if a teen mom like me with no college degree, who lived on welfare and in poverty, with no prior business training or experience, and 4 children can do it…you can too.

My hope is to provide you with inspiration, aspiration, insight, tips, ideas, how-to’s on truly living life as a modern day corporate working, entrepreneurial making, family focused mom. Is that even possible? Follow along my journey to find out!

The biggest challenge women (especially Moms) face is time. Time to get ready in the mornings, time with the family, time for yourself — managing time is a daily battle. 

I went through a roller coaster they call life from 18-25. From college to trying different careers in real estate to having children starting at the age of 17, to going through a divorce to finding my soulmate – I was a hot mess. I let myself go, I focused on providing for my family as a single mom, and I had no stability.

When I first had children, it was a challenge to  take care of myself. Who had time to think about taking care of themselves?! I certainly didn’t and I had no guide or anyone to show me how. Everything I discovered were found in magazines or through social networks but it was still difficult to find. I wanted to cut to the chase and get directly to the source. I wanted what I was looking for to be easily attainable,  but I also wanted to have research to back it up by real people who experienced it for themselves firsthand. Back in my days (because it was THAT long ago), this is what we call a blog! Now it’s called digital marketing or influencer marketing. Everchanging!

We made something pretty amazing come to fruition when we launched TheItMom.com – it’s a site dedicated to helping Moms look effortlessly good in less time. And how to make that ideal attainable and within reach for all of us. We are often asked about the meaning of The It Mom — what we created was a Mom version of The ‘It’-Girl. We want you to be able to walk into any room with everyone drawn to your mega-confidence. Because when you feel good on the inside, you look good on the outside! You’ve got one life to live, make it count!

My name is Daisy Teh. I was a teen mom whom others thought could never make anything out of my life, but I was determined to breakthrough that status quo. With a passion for creative writing and my love for helping people, TheItMom.com was created for the love of mom lifestyle — the latest in fashion and beauty trends, travel, homemaking of delicious (and easy) food and drink recipes, and family friendly fun.

I’ve been featured in All You Magazine, published by Time Inc, MainStreet.com, and have been on several national television and radio networks. I am obsessed with home decor, beauty and skincare products, luxury things (like cars, clothes, furniture and handbags). As a kid, I always dreamt of impacting the lives of millions, and I didn’t let my circumstances affect my future or define me.

We are PR Friendly with an Online Media Kit available for a quick peek at what we bring to the table. We have a variety of ways we can work together, and can help your business grow while providing our readers with opportunities to learn about new, up and coming products, styles, and trends!

Would you like to feature The It Mom on your media stream? For press inquiries as well as marketing, collaborations, sponsorships + partnerships — please contact our management team at Media@TheItMom.com.


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    Tina Marie Ernspiker
    January 2, 2016 at 5:35 PM

    That is wonderful that got your life on track after becoming a momma at a young age! What an inspiration for others in this situation. Being a mom is awesome but it is also a lot of work! You look like you have a beautiful family and have made the best of it. Your blog looks great too!

    PS We are happy to have you with the IBA 🙂

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    Deidre Victoria
    June 14, 2019 at 7:52 PM

    What a beautiful story. I too was a young mom. I really enjoyed your story. Thanks for sharing.

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