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The New Persil ProClean – Takes Out Stains, Keeps In Color

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I am so excited to share my experience with this new product, Persil ProClean! As you all know, I love clothes, but it’s one thing to have and wear them, and it’s another thing to care for them. I’ve tried many detergents in the past, some have worked well, while many others have failed to impress. Now, I think I’ve found the one. The new and effective Persil ProClean.

Percil Package

My wardrobe is so diverse – different colors, materials, care instructions, etc. I’m sure it’s the same with many of you! So, here’s where Persil comes in. The first product we decided to try is the Power-Liquid, which contains powerful stain-fighters that help with tough stains. In a house with four kids, we never run out of dirty laundry, so this was a perfect product to have. No only did stains come off, colors stayed bright.

Three Shirts Clean

With our whites, the Power-Pearls was the way to go. This detergent contains Pro-white technology that keeps whites looking white. One of the most frustrating issues with washing whites is losing it’s “new” look, so the Power-Pearls put a smile on my face.

Percil ProClean

As another option, Persil detergent also comes in a capsule form. This pre-measured capsule is ready to drop in with your load and ready to get those stains off. This Pro-cap works just as strong and is just as effective as the liquid and pearls. You just toss it in your washing machine and let it do it’s job.

Three Bottles

So if you’ve been on a mission trying to find the right laundry detergent that won’t damage your colors or wear out your bright whites, I highly recommend Persil ProClean. Persil ProClean is now available only at Walmart waiting for you. You can spot it in it’s distinctive packaging and bottle. So go and get your detergent and see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

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Check out to learn even more about Persil.

This is a sponsored post with Zookacreative/PersilProClean. All opinions are my own.

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