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My Fave U.S. Winter Travel Destinations and Travel Essentials

The holidays are here and winter break means winter vacation! Winter is a beautiful time to travel and see the world. There are so many things in life to see and do, why stay stuck at home during winter break? Life was meant to live and experience, but don't let the weather stop you from fully experiencing the road less traveled. Adventure awaits! I've partnered with Vick's on this sponsored post to put together my favorite winter travel destinations and travel essentials. All opinions are my own.

US Winter Travel Destinations

Domestic Winter Travel Destinations:
Miami – Easy access to Miami Beach, winter holiday festivities throughout the city, and warm weather make Miami an ideal tropical location to experience Christmas and New Year!

Las Vegas – The Las Vegas Strip offers an array of fun entertainment in gaming and shows, Mt. Charleston creates a fun snow-skiing adventure for the family, and Container Park in Downtown Las Vegas offers fun for the kids to enjoy. Not to mention the weather is gorgeous in the winter!

San Diego – Where the weather stays consistently beautiful day and night year-round, San Diego has something for everyone! Beaches, delicious food, rest and relaxation, and the opportunity to experience fun in the sun during the winter season. And fun theme parks like Legoland make it a great place to experience vacationing with the kids.

Oahu – From luaus to leis – the beautiful destination of Oahu offers wonderful and unique experiences for everyone! The creative and colorful culinary experiences are extraordinary and the beaches offer blue water and adventurous excursions you won't experience anywhere else. Oh, and I love snorkeling in Hanauma Bay! The weather is gorgeous and beach-y in Hawaii!

Los Angeles – Experience west coast life in Los Angeles where the weather and climate makes for fun holiday memories! From the Santa Monica Promenade to the Hollywood Walk of Fame – this is the place to be if you're the star-struck type! In Los Angeles, you'll experience California livin' at it's finest with access to theme parks like Disneyland and Universal Studios.

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And while you're preparing for your upcoming travel adventures this holiday season, don't forget to pack these five items that are often missed from the hustle and bustle of getting everyone out the door to make it in time for their flight at the airport!

Don't forget to bring these often forgotten travel essentials:
Luggage Tag – Style and functionality is what I look for most when I travel, and your luggage accessories should be seen the same way. Purchase a sturdy, bright colored, and large luggage tag that will make it easy for you to spot your luggage at the baggage claim. And it definitely can be a life saver if anything were to happen to your luggage (ie – lost, stolen, or left at some completely different destination from where it's supposed to go – hey, it's happened!)

Sunscreen – This one's so crucial in protecting you and your loved ones from skin cancer, sun burn, and skin damage. Any travel destination you plan to go to should always, always, ALWAYS call for sun protection.

Snacks – Did you know that you are allowed to bring dry snacks at the airport? And when you're consumed in packing, getting ready, getting the kids ready, commuting to the airport, going through airport security, and then finding your terminal (in what seems to feel like a mile-long walk), you'll thank me later! By the time you finally sit down at your gate terminal, you'll find that you are tired and hungry. Instead of opting for pricey snacks you can purchase at the airport (or waiting until you board the plan and the flight attendant offers you peanuts or pretzels), you'll be happy you remembered to pack snacks.

Empty Water Bottle – This is my favorite travel tip, because you should always stay hydrated! There are collapsible water bottles you can purchase that fold flat or you can empty a clean water bottle from home and throw it in your tote bag. Once you get to the airport, you can fill it from the water fountain instead of having to purchase one at the airport (where they can cost up to $5 or more for one bottled water).

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Travel-Sized Tissues – Do you know how hard and inconvenient it was for me to rush to find the nearest restroom just to pull away at several sheets of toilet paper to use to blow my nose? Ew. And besides, the napkins and paper towels at the airport are far too harsh on my skin. My fave is Puffs, because they're so soft but not flimsy. Travel smart and pass the Puffs, please!

Medications – Whether you have prescriptions you need to take on a daily basis or over the counter medication juuuuuust in case you start to feeling under the weather, don't forget to bring this to keep you at your optimum during your travels. Because honestly, who has time for sick days when you travel?! If there's one thing I don't forget – it's my DayQuil SEVERE and NyQuil SEVERE. DayQuil/NyQuil SEVERE relieves your worst cold & flu symptoms so you can go back to doing the things you love and can’t miss. When I'm traveling and want to experience new territory, I can’t spend the day in bed at my hotel room, I need relief from my symptoms so I can power through. This is where I turn to DayQuil SEVERE. My life is about enjoying every moment and embracing the adventure each day brings. So I’m thankful NyQuil SEVERE gives me a great night’s sleep to allow me to keep my edge.

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Oh, and don't forget to print this DayQuil/NyQuil Severe coupon before heading to the store. It's my way of helping you save some money (because I know I'd want to save money too).

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