9 Tips On How To Stay Healthy Throughout Flu Season

Did you know that despite being sick, a survey from the makers of Vick's NyQuil and DayQuil Severe show that American consumers struggle with the thought of having to call in sick from their jobs? The major cause of this is pressure to get work done, and as a result, many people are willing to show up at the office even though it may be physically challenging. Today we are providing our readers with resources and tips to spot the flu and ways to stay healthy throughout the flu season. This is a sponsored post on behalf of Vick's. All opinions are my own.

I'm sure there's one point in our careers where we've all shown up to work sick. Some thought it was just allergies, some thought it was a cold, and others thought it was a sinus infection that was not contagious. Here's a tip: Stay away from Google for self-diagnosing and go to a physician who has the education and skills to diagnose for you. For me, it was the thought of getting behind on work and I just couldn't stand the thought of not getting things done. My coworkers did the same thing, and as a result, we ALL got sick. I work in an environment where we have open workstations next to each other. And as much as I love the team, I don't want to get sick! It became a vicious cycle when we got sick, because it also affected our families. If you asked me if it was worth it, I'd say NO!!! We've learned our lessons and don't risk it anymore.IMG_1417 (1024x683)Unfortunately, cold and flu season is upon us, and the likelihood of avoiding becoming a victim is slim. Over 45-million Americans have been affected by this epidemic (according to IMS Fans reports). With so much human interaction at school, at the office, and at the park (pretty much everywhere on earth where humans exist)… it is virtually impossible not to come into contact with germs and bacteria – and without the right precautions, catching a cold or flu may be easier than we think.

As a trusted and well-known family brand, Vick's understands this dilemma and have made efforts in helping out the American consumers through their partnership with Nurse Barb Dehn (R.N., M.S., N.P), practicing Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and award winning author. Together they have come come up with solutions to help us combat this epidemic.IMG_1424 (1024x683)How to spot and treat symptoms of the flu and tips on how to stay healthy throughout flu season:

• Know the signs. You are most contagious in the first 24 hours when your symptoms are at their worst. If you have two or more of these symptoms, stay home to rest: fever over 101o F, cough, sore throat, running nose, headache, body aches, chills, or fatigue.

• Avoid germs at work. Watch out for these germ-ridden places at the office: the sink in the break room, the office microwave, and doorknobs. Keep antiseptic wipes with you and remember to wash your hands frequently.

• Say no to stress. Stress can influence the symptoms of cold, cough and flu by interfering with how the immune system functions. To keep your immune system strong, make sure to get plenty of rest and sleep all the time, not just when you’re sick.

• Elevate the head of the bed. Place a pillow under your mattress to raise the upper body from the waist up. This allows blood to flow away from the head and reduce inflammation of the air passages. Using extra pillows can also ease body aches by taking the pressure off hips, knees and back.

• Take a hot shower before bed. Steam and humidity can cause sinuses to drain and relieve stuffiness from a cold. It can also help you to relax, and ease chills, aches and fatigue. Put your towel and/or bathrobe in the dryer so that you don’t feel chilled when you get out, and make sure the room is nice and warm.

• Sleep on a schedule. Go to bed and wake up on a regular schedule. Plus, avoid stimulating beverages like caffeinated coffee or alcohol before going to sleep, as well as bright light from the screens on your phone, TV or other electronic devices.

• Watch out for the “man flu.” Men can be more susceptible to catching a cold or flu, and can be affected by more severe symptoms. Be prepared with the toughest cold and flu fighting remedies to keep you feeling well even if you do get sick.

• Try tea. Drinking an herbal tea such as chamomile, passionflower or other soothing teas before bed can help you relax while also getting helpful fluids into your system.

• Take a multi-symptom medication. My patients want fast, effective relief to help them get back to their busy lives. Look for a medication that can treat the toughest symptoms while also helping you rest. DayQuil Severe and NyQuil Severe fight your worst cold & flu symptoms so you can power through symptoms during the day, and get the rest you need at night to get back to being you.
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Vicks offers DayQuil and NyQuil Severe to relieve the worst cold and flu symptoms. No other nighttime medicine gives more relief than NyQuil Severe*. And, for daytime, Vicks DayQuil Severe* relives more of these symptoms than any other non-drowsy medicine, helping you get rest at night and energy through out the day! Vicks wants to make sure you feel like yourself again when you have a cold with the help of DayQuil Severe and NyQuil Severe *among OTC cold and flu medicines.IMG_1441 (1024x683)We also have some big and exciting new from Vick's!!! Better Homes and Gardens has announced that Vick's DayQuil Severe and Vick's Nyquil Severe Cold was voted the BEST New Cough and Cold Remedy product. The Better Homes and Gardens Best New Product Awards (BNPA) is the most credible, consumer-voted awards program in the U.S., and represents the unbiased voice of consumers nationwide. This was based on an independent survey of over 70,000 American consumers. Wow! We applaud you Vick's and are so proud to be an Ambassador for such a well recognized and award winning product! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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