The Gift of Godiva Chocolates at Target

Godiva Chocolates Gold Box

It’s that time of year again to start purchasing gifts and wrapping them nicely to present to the people you love! What is that one gift you can think of that everyone would love and that anyone can enjoy? For me, it chocolates – but not just any chocolates, Godiva chocolates! It’s that gift that people will love, use, enjoy and it’s always beautifully presented. We all know that it’s the thought that counts, and when you give the gift of Godiva, it will surely put a smile on the faces of those that receive them.

Godiva Gold Box

So, as you think of those family, friends and loved ones that you want to bless with a gift, think Godiva. An elegant, inexpensive, delicious and thoughtful present. What’s so perfect about them is that they are perfect for any season. For whatever holiday or occasion we celebrate, Godiva always seems to fit.

This year, there have been so many people that have impacted me in a significant way. To shows them my appreciation, I’ve decided to purchase a few Godiva Assorted Chocolates to give to them as a gift. And because I appreciate so much I’ve decided to share a bit of who they are and what they’ve done to catch my attention this Christmas.

Godiva Chocolates Christmas Gift

One of them is my best friend. Although a best friend is always doing something to prove they care, the things she’s done this year have just been so much more impactful t’s been such a tough year and a time when I needed her the most. Another is my husband. One reason I would like to give him Godiva chocolates is because he will have to share them with me! It’s a win-win situation! All jokes aside, he’s helped me with so much. Considering how busy this year has gotten for my work and personal life, I can always count on him to be there. I have a co-worker that is also getting a gift of Godiva. Teamwork in any area of life is essential to success, and because one specific co-worker has proven to be a wonderful teammate, I want to show her that her hard work, support and kindness has not gone unnoticed. Plus, she LOVES chocolates! My eldest daughter is another person I will be handing a box of Godiva Chocolates to. She works so hard in school and is always so helpful at home. She’s been such as obedient child and good role model for her younger siblings. So, some sweet treats for a sweet girl! Last but not least, my dad. Living far from each other, we rarely get an opportunity to talk or see each other, but he’s always proven that he thinks about me and my children. He always makes an effort to visit us when he gets a chance. I am planning to get a box of Godiva over to him this year and I’m sure he will love them!

Godiva Assorted Chocolates

So, why not give a few people in your life a gift that shows you appreciated them and what they’ve done, and that you have been thinking about them. I picked up a few boxes at Target and plan to go back to get a few more, because when you give a gift of Godiva, you will never have to worry whether they will like it or not, because they will love it!

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This blog post was sponsored by Godiva but opinions are all my own.

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