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Women’s Checklist On What To Bring To The Gym

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I have this love/hate relationship with the gym lately, maybe because now that the Spring season is coming at me fast, I've found myself staring at the mirror on how out of shape I am from the Winter and holidays. I can see myself wearing that bikini now! But we all know that a fit and toned body doesn't just *poof* happen with the snap of a finger! I wish! We have to work for it, because nothing good comes easy.

I signed up with a “lifestyle” fitness center and it really is ah-mazing! High-end, luxurious and featuring every amenity I never thought I would care for or want until I started going to this place. It truly is a lifestyle and the convenience of the amenities make the whole monthly membership worthwhile. It took my health and fitness level a whole notch as I worked with Metabolic Specialists and Personal Trainers. And the locker rooms are fabulous – complete with a eucalyptus infused sauna, spa, and connection to a private indoor heated pool.

To be honest, I never really thought about what items I needed to bring to the gym. I figured I would just show up in comfortable clothes, workout, and go home. WRONG. It takes preparation and planning before arriving to the gym to make sure your fitness experience continues to motivate you. I had no idea that a shift in mindset with having my “fitness tools” ready would make for such a pleasant workout experience for the four times each week I spend at the gym (for approximately two hours each visit). That's a lot of time to be spending unprepared! And you know how I feel about lack of preparation, right?! I am a firm believer that everything has a strategy and plan, and I love checklists!

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Here's a women's checklist on what to bring to the gym:

For your workout:
Sports Bra (medium compression or full compression)
Yoga Pants
Short Athletic Socks
Workout Shirt
Hair Tie

Post Workout:
Extra swimsuit (for sauna or pool)
Extra panties
Extra bra
Extra shirt
Extra pants
Flip flops (so you aren't walking on the gym floor barefoot)

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Face wash
Face Moisturizer
Body Lotion
Lip conditioner


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