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Unboxing and Installing Our Arlo Wire Free HD Security Cameras from Best Buy

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When we moved into our executive home in Seven Hills last year we were really excited to get it decorated and smart home connected. As a modern family who loves using technology and gadgets to make life more streamlined and efficient, our biggest goal was to make sure we stay connected to the best products for our home and family.

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One of the biggest issues we've had in the previous homes we've lived in was packages we received and whether it was lost, stolen, never received and the whole mystery of it all. And although we live in a gated community equipped with surveillance, I am always curious of what goes on surrounding the perimeter of our own home and even inside our home (cue the snacks that no one claims to have eaten that comes up missing). And with our home being over three-thousand square feet, I would feel much more at ease knowing what's happening whenever we're away.

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We had been eyeing security cameras, and to be honest, we were a little overwhelmed with decisions. Okay, maybe SUPER overwhelmed. And we weren't sure what to look for, because we've never had a security camera and relied heavily on what people were finding as pro's and con's.

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After reading up on reviews and discussing with my husband, we knew there were three major features that we wanted in our security cameras:

Cameras that are wire-free: my love for interior decorating means no wires as eye-sores

Easy to install: I love tech gadgets, but I am not an IT specialist nor an engineer – it needs to be easy for a non-techy person to install.

Easy to access footage: I want to be able to review footage on my security camera quickly and easily.

Good quality footage: I want to be able to see the footage clearly and preferably in color and/or have HD quality.

Can be used inside and outside of our home: This is because I've been trying to catch which one of my kids have been sneaking around snacks outside of their scheduled snack-time. I've over the whole, “It wasn't me” said everyone.

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When we received our Video Monitoring & Security Arlo Wire-Free HD Security Cameras (2-pack) (SKU: 1670001) from Best Buy (as part of being one of their 2016 Best Buy Ambassadors), we were stoked! Not only did Arlo offer ALL of the features we were looking for in a security camera, there were more great benefits that we didn't think of…

o Includes 2 wire-free HD security cameras, a smart home base station with power adapter, Ethernet cable, 2 magnetic camera mounts and 2 mounting screws for easy setup, 8 batteries and an Arlo window decal. Download the Arlo iOS app or Android app to monitor and manage your home security.

o Primary uses and the benefits:
1. Easy and Flexible positioning/placement: Completely wireless being battery and wi-fi operated means you can position these cameras anywhere. In addition, they’re waterproof so can handle outdoor weather conditions, in addition to being perfect for indoors with their compact size.

2. Motion-activated recording options allow you peace of mind and save you battery life and storage space .

3. Remote access: use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to check in on your cameras. Connect up to 15 Arlo cameras to the cloud for easy, all-in-one check-ins. Schedule which cameras are to be on and when from the app.

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So yea…totally amazing and now that it's been unboxed, set-up, installed and live – I don't know how we've gone without it so long. And it's a lot of fun spying on the children and checking on Duke (our Maltese that we suspect has been hiding our things in hard to find places).

Here's a short Instagram video of us unboxing the Video Monitoring & Security Arlo Wire-Free HD Security Cameras (2-pack) (SKU: 1670001) from Best Buy:

A video posted by Daisy Teh ? (@theitmom) on

If you have been looking into a Video Monitoring & Security Camera, I highly recommend Arlo Wire-Free HD Security Cameras (2-pack) (SKU: 1670001) from Best Buy. You can check out other reviews and videos by using the hashtag #ConnectToControl!

Disclaimer: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

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