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Sweet Summer Printables

The temperature has nearly reached 100 in my area and when we aren't cooling off inside with the air conditioner, we are outside enjoying refreshing fruit. Fruit is kind of a summer staple. Did you see the pineapple watermelon skewer recipe this week? It's become my new “go to” when it comes to serving up party appetizers.

Pineapple is Paradise Summer Art

I love creating a scene or setting up a theme to make the event come alive. From colorful decor to crafty cocktails, I try to come up with creative party ideas for each soiree I throw.

Summer Party Ideas

  • Mojito Mixer: Create minty mojitos and pair with cigars, Cuban music, and lime decor.
  • Bloody Mary Bar: Let guests create their own garnishes from olives to hot sauce!
  • Sunday Brunch with Mimosa Bar: Mimosas get a twist with other juices like raspberry, pineapple, or grapefruit.
  • Lawn Games: Cornhole, lawn bowling, bocce, and croquet get a new life when you play them with friends on a sunny afternoon.
  • Summer is Sweet

For a Summer is Sweet party theme, try those pineapple watermelon skewers. Pair them with a sweet summer spritzer and decorate with fresh fruit and colorful cutlery.

Another way to easily add decor to a party is with printables. You can make your own or find inspiration online. For a summer is sweet party, here are three fruity prints to get you started.

Sweet Summer Printables


Download them here:

What's your favorite fruit?

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