My Summer With Outshine Fruit Bars

It's been a hot summer and the heat isn't going anywhere any time soon! Luckily, neither are my Outshine Fruit Bars. With the kids being home from school these past few months, staying motivated while managing the chaos at home has been challenging. You'd think my day would be so productive considering that it's summer and I don't have to get the kids ready and driven to school – not at all! I find my self running back and forth from my desk every 30 minutes trying to take care of household chores and putting out fires. By the end of the day, I just want to lay down and nap.

With all of the factors that tempt me to be lazy when working from home, my new favorite Outshine Bars have been the one thing that has kept me on my toes. Cooling off my summer and waking up my brain, these perfect work-at-home snacks have contributed so much to my productivity. And, with it being summer, trying to beat the heat with just any cold treat doesn't work. Most options for snacks are packed with sugar and coloring and do not have any real ingredients. So whenever I eat those types of snacks, I feel drained and even more tired than before.

Outshine Peach Fruit Bars

This summer, however, I got a little extra boost from the new Nestlé Outshine Fruit Bars. The mango, grape, peach and other amazing flavors plus the fact that they have 77% more real fruit and less sugar has really helped me feel more upbeat. Outshine really OUT-SHINES other snack options. One change I've been trying to make lately in my daily routine is with the type of snacks I consume. I love desserts and all, but I also want to put some careful thought into what I am putting into my body.

Work From Home Snack

What I've done lately is buy a different flavor every week so that I have a chance to try all of them. Before I start brainstorming, writing or organizing my content I just sit back, relax and have an Outshine Bar. Sometimes I even bring my work outside to change the scene a bit and enjoy an snack bar on the patio or in the backyard. So if you need something to help you get up and re-focused like I do every now and then, try one of these amazing flavors. I've grown to really like the peach flavor recently, but they're all great! Everyone at our house has their own favorite so we make sure to stock up the freezer!

Outshine Peach Bars

I am so glad we had Outshine Fruits Bars around this summer. It's been nice having something new and refreshing to snack on without having to keep leaving the house during this heat. We've even introduced it to many of our friends and family members whenever we attended gatherings, and now, they're hooked! It's really become a must have snack for so many people we know. So if you haven't tried it, go get it! Believe me, you won't be disappointed. Let me know which one you end up liking the most!



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