Effective Work at Home Time Management

Effective work from home time management tips you need today to be successful

Effective Work At Home Time Management

While working at home can be very rewarding, it can also come a lot of frustrations, difficulties and time management issues. Even the most organized and dedicated person can sometimes struggle with staying on top of their work. Thankfully these six tips for Effective Work At Home Time Management are sure to keep you relaxed, on track and profitable. Use these tips to help you focus your energy in the right direction each day. Focus and organization mean more productivity and less stress. And less stress means a happier you and a much more profitable job.


Effective work from home time management tips you need today to be successful

1. Stick To Your Schedule: One of the things that often trips up those who work from home is the flexibility with your daily schedule. If you find yourself having to stay up all night to accomplish projects because you have spent your daytime hours doing other things, it may be time to rethink your schedule. The 9-5 work day that is common for most offices is also a great way to focus your own work at home career. Your hours don’t have to be 9-5, but do set a schedule that works for you and your family and stick with it.

2. Turn Off Your Ringer: While you need your work line open for clients and prospective business calls, leaving your personal cell or home phone on during work hours can create issues in productivity. You are more prone to become distracted by social media, text messages or friends wanting to call and chat. Leave your cell phone on the charger in the other room or put it in the desk drawer until break time. Treat your home office just like you would a traditional office. Personal business is for break time and outside office hours only.

3. Just Say No: Driving the carpool, setting up play dates, running errands or taking on someone else’s sick child just because you are at “home” is not productive for your business. Set standards and stick to them. Next time a friend or neighbor calls and says, “since you are at home all day would you mind?” simply say “No”. This is your business, and you are working. Being in your home does not change that it is a business and should be treated as such.

4. Leave Chores Alone: It is easy to be distracted by a stack of laundry, dishes in the sink or floors needing a sweep, but those 5 minute chores can quickly turn into 3-4 hours away from your desk. Set up a schedule for the entire family to pitch in with regular household chores and do those only outside your regular business hours or on your lunch break.

5. Take Regular Breaks: Set yourself alarms to take at least a 10-15 minute break in the morning and afternoon as well as an hour lunch outside your office space. Whether it is getting up to go to the bathroom, to walk through the house or to go out on the back porch for some fresh air, you will be much more productive with a clear head and relaxed body than you would if you don’t move from your seat all day.

6. Never Eat at Your Desk: Not only is this a path straight to weight gain for many, it can become a bad habit that keeps you from getting the rest and focus you need throughout the day. Make an effort to get up and have set lunch hours each day just like you would in any other office.


These tips for effective work at home time management are sure to help create a great working atmosphere you can stick with. Don’t let others make you feel like your job from home is any less important than theirs in the outside corporate world. Dedication and organization will make your work productive and profitable.


Do you work from home? What tips have you found for using your time wisely?

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