Shine From the Inside-Out with Nestle Outshine Fruit Bars


When we hear the term, “work-from-home”, most of us immediately think “Wow, that must be so easy and relaxing!” Well, it does have its advantages. You save some time and gas money on commute, you’re not as worried about what to wear and yes, you do have some extra flexibility you may not have at the office, but it’s not all fun and games. Actually, it’s ZERO fun and games!

What I’ve discovered with working from home is that it requires a lot more effort when trying to stay focused. With the bed so easily accessible for naps, the TV so accessible for slacking off and the fridge so close for snack breaks, it’s very possible to get through the day without getting any work done focused or motivated. You certainly need as much energy as you can get while being on the computer, on the phone, writing and creating content or else you get lazy and end up doing something else. Have you noticed what time of the day you’re feeling the least energized and refreshed? For me, you guessed it, after eating!

I love snacking on all types of sweets in between meals, especially after lunch, but I get so drained afterwards. I know it has a lot to do with what ingredients those snacks contain. With all the sugar and artificial contents in many of my desserts choices, I know I am missing out on nutrients from real ingredients. So now, I have an amazing new snack that I can’t wait for all of you to try – Nestlé Outshine Fruit Bars! What’s so great about them? They’re pretty much everything I look for in a snack and more. It’s the perfect work from home snack!


Outshine Fruit Bars are frozen fruit bars that contain real fruit or fruit juice and they’re REAL GOOD! I am very picky about taste, but from their selections of fruit bar flavors, I have not found one that I did not enjoy – although I will say my favorite so far have been the Mango and Grape. It’s a perfect amount of flavor and with it being a cold snack, it’s a perfect match for the hot summer weather here in Las Vegas!

Grape-Fruit bar-Outshine

Mango Outshine Bar

So aside from a variety of great flavors, I can honestly say that this has been a great snack for me while working at home. It’s so refreshing that I can still be chipper and energized even by the end of my work day. It’s not just my taste buds that are happy but my body too! Knowing that I am consuming something that contains real fruit or veggies helps me to feel good inside and that positively affects how I work. This was definitely a great change in my snack routine. No longer do I have to feel guilty when I want something delicious.

Mango-Outshine-Fruit Bar

You know what else is great about these? My kids love them too! When they ask for a snack, which happens way too often, I’m not hesitant to give them a Nestlé Outshine Fruit Bar because I know they’re getting something good from it. Outshine has reformulated eight of its most popular flavors to now have an average of 77% more real fruit or fruit juice and 11% less sugar, so I do not have to worry about what they are consuming. These frozen bars are non-GMO, gluten-free, fat-free and is a great source of Vitamin-C. It’s a win-win for the whole family!

Here are just a few more real fruit flavors available from Outshine that will help you snack brighter!

Pineapple Outshine Fruits Bars


Outshine-Grape_Fruit Bars

I’ve become obsessed with Outshine Fruit Bars and I’m pretty sure you and your family will love them as well. They are a tastier and smarter way to snack when you’re at home.

Now, they’re available at many retail locations, so look for them and let us know what your favorite flavor is!

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