Confessions of a Modern Mom Who Attended Fashion Week

Attending New York Fashion Week entrance

TAKEAWAYS: There’s more to life than just clothes and makeup. Live your life wholeheartedly and confidently as you…

Attending New York Fashion Week entrance

Confessions of a Modern Mom Who Attended New York Fashion Week

As I wrap up my stay here in New York City for New York Fashion Week, I wanted to share some tips, advice, and insight on what a day in the life of was like as a modern mom attending NYFW. But before I do this in another post, I wanted to be very open and candid with you about my epiphany. A true “come to Jesus” moment, indeed.

Today while waiting in line for a show, I questioned myself. I questioned why I was there, and whether I deserved or fit in enough to be there. Was I too old for fashion or am I skinny enough to “sit with them”?! I questioned my love for fashion and style and questioned whether fashion was REALLY about your own unique sense of style. I questioned my whole purpose in life all during that hour standing there waiting in line to enter a fashion show event.

What was it like attending Fashion Week for the first time?

Before I traveled to New York from Las Vegas, I was excited and energized about this bucket list opportunity – I mean, come on! It’s a total dream come true and I love fashion and everything it encompasses. I love the way it makes me feel and look. Between beauty and fashion, those were my “niches” as they like to call it in the blogging world. But after having attended a few shows and experiencing everything in real life, I’ve come to realize how much I love being a mom and wife and missed my family.

When you become a mom, everything changes. You transition naturally into motherhood as a nurturing and selfless being. I never thought I could love another more than yourself, but when you get married and become one and then bear children – you naturally love them more than yourself.

As a blogger, I understand the power of influence and how influential we become. It’s actually kinda scary, you know? The thought of having all this power and authority to sway another human being into make a decision to do something – whether it is for good or for evil. Influence does this, and as a blogger, we have a lot of it. And just like the Spider-Man quote says (yes, I’m totally using Spider-Man as a reference)…


“With great power comes great responsibility.”

I want to use my influence for the greater of woman-kind. I want to be used by God to fulfill His purpose for me – and that is to impact the lives of millions of women. I’ve known that this has been my calling ever since I was a little girl, and I’ve lost sight of that as I became an adult who had hustle and move, move, move. I became too busy raising children and being the best wife I could possibly be to remember what I was doing this all for.

And when I was in that line, I felt so convicted that I lost sight of my calling. It was such an eye-opener that even women who are the most put together on the outside, are also the most self-conscious, low self-esteemed people on the inside. That our perception of ourselves can be swayed for the bad by a simple interaction with another. Why do we do this to ourselves?

While standing there with thousands of them, I can see it in their eyes – the feelings of emptiness and unfulfillment. As I watched all around me, I saw women looking at other women and then literally looking down at themselves in comparison. I saw women who entered the double doors of the entrance with their heads held high but upon coming into view of other women and peers, started to slowly lose sight of who they really were. It made me sad, but at the same time, the feelings were so contagious that I too started to question myself too. There was no age range to this disease of comparison – it was happening to all of us.

Stop it.

As children of God, I want you to know that you were made to be unique in your own perfect way. You don’t need to and should never compare yourself to others. You are worthy, you deserve it, you are loved. Don’t get me wrong, I saw many other women who paid no attention to it. And if we’re being honest, those who remained steadily confident and stood firm on their confidence were the nicest, most approachable, friendliest people in that venue. And you know what?

They were also the most successful people there.

So you want success in life? Take it from those who are most successful and be confident in yourself and your abilities without wavering.

You want to have it all? Be grateful in everything you have and stop comparing yourself to others in everything you do.

Remember this —
your walk in life is not the same as theirs. Your beginning is not the same as their end, you’re not walking the same road. You do you, boo.


As for me, I’ve shifted my perspective on my niche as a fashion and beauty blogger. Although I will always love fashion and beauty – there is more to life when you become a mom than just clothes and makeup. So even though much of The It Mom will stay focused on doing tutorials and how-to’s on fashion and beauty for modern busy moms on the go, I will incorporate life lessons along the way too. I love my children, I love being a parent, I love being a wife, and I love to write. And I’m 35 years old with seventeen years of parenting experience – I’m sure there are a few tips and tricks you could get out of the lessons I’ve learned.

I love watching others along their journey, so my hope is that you’ll be interactive in The It Mom community and play dress-up with me. Stay tuned for the rebrand announcement!

And next up…

The down and dirty of what it was really like attending New York Fashion Week as a modern mom blogger for the first time.

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