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As a mom, I always want the best for our family as all parents do. We work, take care of our children, and make sure to do activities that develop and strengthen our relationship in the home. We take actions to make sure that our priorities are in line so that everything is taken care of. Unfortunately, certain things are harder to approach, such as finances. A study by the MassMutual's State of the American Mom reveal that although moms feel strongly about providing financially for their families, it's not always an easy task to take on. With all the daily activity going on and all the other factors in life, there's no doubt that there will be challenges. To get a better understanding of what current financial issues other families are dealing with visit the MassMutual website.

We are a young family of 6; My husband and I, along with our 4 children. In the beginning phases of building our family, finances were pretty shaky. With the economy the way it's been, income has not always been steady. And although the past few years have been more promising and finances have significantly improved, there are still times when thinking about our financial future can get overwhelming. I believe that one of the main causes of hesitating with money related goals is fear of lack. Since we've experienced financial hardships in the past, we are extremely careful in making sure that we don't go back to that situation – plus, with a big family, we have a lot of expenses that are needed to be taken care of on an immediate basis. With that being said, thinking about our future with the kid's college, savings and other financial goals seem so far away, therefore, we tend to put these thoughts aside in hopes that all will fall into place. This we know is not true. When we look back and think about the time we first planned to start setting money aside for the future, it's reminds us how important it is to save early, because when we think about how long ago that was, we realize how much we could of had by now if we started saving then – lesson learned.

Our current goal now is to make better financial decisions to ensure we have a brighter future. We have learned the importance of financial planning and independence. An improvement we've made is wiser spending. There are many things that we spend money on that are not a necessity and although sometimes it seems as if it's such a small amount, it does build up. We've come to realize that a successful future is definitely worth the small sacrifices of today. To get our kids into a good college, to have a dream home, to be financially independent all starts with money management and being financially responsible –  a great example to set for our kids so that they will learn at an early age.

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