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It seems like no matter what type of atmosphere we live in, there will always be something in the air that affects how we breathe and carry on with our daily activities – whether it's germs that get us sick, allergens that cause irritations, bad odors, or even humidity that makes it difficult for us to breathe normally.

Our family lives in Las Vegas, NV. Vegas is a very dry city where we often experience dust storms and high counts of pollen passing us by (it’s a desert out here). During peak seasons and weather changes, we find ourselves experiencing allergies, asthma attack, and bronchitis. The dust and sagebrush seem to be what triggers any breathing related symptoms. Just thinking about all the dust and allergens floating around in our home from our family’s constant indoor and outdoor was enough to make us take action and purchase an air purification system.


There are several air purification systems now that can help minimize all these symptoms that are caused by all the particles in the air, and Best Buy has a great selection of quality systems. Check it out here at www.bestbuy.com. They really do make a difference with our breathing, which is important because it also improves the way we function on a daily basis. It's such a relief being able to breathe easy, and get the rest back that we lose from allergies and other irritations caused by the air we inhale. It's truly a smart move to invest in these air purifiers, because the last thing we need to stress about is how to enjoy breathing! We've seen and have experienced a significant difference, especially in our children's health.

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