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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Clarisonic. All options are 100% my own.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Clarisonic. All options are 100% my own.

My skin has never been better! The journey with my Clarisonic brush has been such a great experience. Ever since I started using Clarisonic Smart Profile Brush, my face has gone through a very significant and positive transformation. It feels healthier, I feel refreshed and you can literally see the difference. The way this brush was designed to function has definitely been effective for me, and for many others, judging for all the people I have talked to about it.
Clarisonic Package
If you haven't tried this, it's a very simple procedure. The Smart Profile comes with a rotating and pulsating brush which you can set at different levels, along with a refreshing gel cleanser that does an amazing job in cleaning your skin of dirt and oils. With a simple application on the brush, you let the Clarisonic Smart Profile brush do almost all the work.
Clarisonic Kit
Before first using the device, charge it for 24 hours. With that initial charge, I didn't have to recharge it for another few weeks – very convenient. With the device comes the brush head which simply locks into place. Once the brush is attached, you are ready to use your Clarisonic brush. To begin, wet your skin as well as the brush with warm water, then apply the cleansing gel. You have the option of setting the device to Smart Mode or Manual Mode – both modes come in 4, timed-cycles which prompts you with a beep when you are ready to move on to another area. Here is the specific cycle times below:

Smart Mode
– 20 Seconds: Deep cleansing on the forehead
– 20 Seconds: Deep cleansing on the nose and chin
– 10 Seconds: Gentle cleansing on the cheek
– 10 Seconds: Gentle cleansing on the other cheek

In the manual mode, you are given the same time frames, but with a little bit more control, with the device allowing you to set the rotation of the brush to certain speeds. You also are able to use you brush in Turbo speed, which is controlled with a button just below the brush head.

Maintenance of this product is just as simple as operating it. There is a battery life indicator and brush replacement indicator. When the device is not being used for a longer period of time, make sure to store it in a cool place to prevent damage.

Clarisonic is safe and gentle to use up to twice a day, yet can still effectively clean your skin. I have made my Clarisonic brush my twice-a-day ritual and my skin is seriously glowing and I can feel and see the deep clean! It really gets out all my makeup and there's not as much manual effort on my part since the brush's rotation does all the work. Many people I have talked to are raving about this product! If there is any device you should consider when it comes to skin care, I definitely recommend this Clarisonic Smart Profile Brush. Technologically designed for great performance, but gentle and simple when in use – it's perfect!

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