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Get Up and Goji Play With The Whole Family

Let’s face it, we all want to get in shape. As a matter of fact we want the whole family to get in shape; happy, healthy and active. But why is it so hard to make this happen? What I’ve come to realize is that for my family and I, it’s not a problem of getting motivated or wanting to make a change, but it all boils down to the actual “working out”. I’m sure for many of you out there, it’s the same situation. It’s that dreaded exercise routine! The long, tedious and time consuming act of being on a machine with nothing to look at. Although we know that we’re doing ourselves some good by being on a cardio machine, it’s just so hard to commit when just a few minutes of being on a treadmill feels like an eternity.

Blue Goji Play

If this is true for you and your family, let me introduce you to Blue Goji! The same people that brought us Guitar Hero has created another way to bring the family together. This time, with fun and fitness in mind. Goji Play is an amazing new technology device that makes family exercise more desirable for everyone. It combines exercise with interactive games and turns your cardio exercise into an exciting game for various ages and various fitness levels. This gadget allows an individual to create a specific profile that will keep track of their workouts based on specifics. With wireless capabilities, sensors measure your movements, making you become part of the game on your smart device. So, the harder you workout, the farther or stronger or faster you get in your game!

Blue Goji Wireless Sensors

The gadgets come in a set of two sensors that you can strap onto your cardio machine, or you can keep them on the lightweight handles which are included with the device. This is great for me, because the machine I have is not a tall standing equipment like a typical treadmill. I have a mechanical side stepping machine that works my legs and while giving me an intense cardio workout. As effective as this machine has been for me, it is still hard to motivate myself to stay on it for along period of time because I get bored so quickly.

Goji Play Instructions

Goji Play Game Apps

There are many games to download for Goji Play, so you can choose depending on what workout machine you are currently using. Since I’ve downloaded these games, I’ve actually started to work out longer by using my Goji Play apps. I just station my equipment right in front of my mirror and play it on my iPad or iPhone, so as I stride on the machine, I am playing my games at the same time. Before you know it, I’m sweating but having a blast! It literally makes “30 minutes of exercise feel like 5” because I get so into the games.

Blue Goji Packaging

What can I say? I’ve just stepped up my workout GAME – literally. Our journey to getting in better shape should not have to be so boring. Goji Play could not have come at a better time for my family and I. Raising four kids in a generation where video games, phone apps and shows are dominating, getting them to get off the couch is a battle I deal with on a daily basis. I want to make sure they develop a healthy habit of exercising while they’re young, and now it will be much easier. It worked for me and it worked for them. So tell the family to #GetUpAndGojiPlay. There are no more excuses!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Blue Goji. All opinions are my own.

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