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FUTURO™ Brand Legwear Technology from 3M

We hear it all the time – “If you want to look good, you have to feel good!” Do you agree? As a lifestyle blogger with a passion for fashion, I’ve discovered this statement to be absolutely true. You may have the right dress, a great pair of jeans or a really pretty blouse, but if you feel uncomfortable, it will show in your appearance.

One situation where this proves to be true is in our foot and leg wear. We don’t often think about it, but when we walk, when we stand and even when we are sitting down, our legs experience pressure. Whether it is a lot of pressure or a little, when it lasts throughout the day, it takes a toll on our whole body and thus, affecting the rest of our physical condition.

3M Futuro Packages

I recently discovered FUTURO™ Legwear from 3M, and it has done wonders for me. I like to wear boots and heels sometimes – okay, all the time! What I never realized is how much of a significant role the socks I wore played when it comes to the way I feel when I get home from work. After a long day at office, I often find myself having been drained of much of my energy, accompanied with aches on my lower back and discomfort in my legs.

Womens Trouser Socks

This has changed tremendously after I started wearing FUTURO™ Brand women’s socks. FUTURO™ Graduated Compression Legwear has been designed with compression therapy by 3M that creates comfort for those that wear them. As they are worn, the compression technology actually massages your legs during motion which provides improvement in circulation. The FUTURO™ Energizing Ultra Sheer Knee Highs for Women work wonderfully with my knee-high boots because of the coverage they provide. I can actually feel the massaging action on my calves as I move!

Futuro 3M Women's Socks

On days when I wear my heels with slacks for a professional look, I go with my black FUTURO™ Revitalizing Trouser Socks for Women. Unlike before, I no longer feel the aches I used to feel when I would wear heels all day. The support the compression provides really creates a feeling of comfort in all my footwear that I never felt with other socks or hosiery. The tightening I used to feel in my lower legs is no longer there.

3M Women Trouser Socks

Mens and Womens Socks

FUTURO™ Brand has created various sizes, styles and colors for both men and women. My husband has also been wearing his Restoring Dress Socks for Men and he feels the same exact way. The improvement in our energy levels after a day of having FUTURO™ Brand socks. The compression therapy technology has really made a difference for us! If you’ve been feeling the same symptoms such as aches and discomfort like we were, FUTURO™ Brand may be your new go-to. You can really feel the difference right when you put the socks on.

3M Mens Dress Socks

3M Futuro Medium

FUTURO™ Graduated Compression Legwear is available in the pharmacy section of major retailers nationwide, including Rite Aid. Visit the following sites to know more about FUTURO™ Brand:

FUTURO™ Legwear Site

FUTURO™ Brand Website

FUTURO™ Brand YouTube

This is a sponsored post of behalf of FUTURO™ Brand. All opinions are my own.

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