How To Get More Traffic From Recipes Using Yummly


Want to learn how to get more traffic from recipes ?

If you haven’t noticed lately, we’ve been doing a lot of sprucing up and cleaning up on The It Mom’s website. We want this place to truly be a community of It Moms who can share ideas, tips, encouragement and more. It’s all about you!

If you’ve been a long time reader, you know that one of the top categories we see It Moms sharing and reading on the blog are our beautiful and delicious recipes! There are so many out there, and when you come across recipes on The It Mom, the intention is to make life more effortless with easy and quick recipes you can create so there is more quality time at the dinner table with your family.

Yummy is like Pinterest for Food Recipes

We understand how overwhelming recipe search is, so if you’re a community member using our recipes there are a couple of things you should know that benefit you:
First, all of our recipes are now printable! YAY! We heard your cries for ease of accessibility and we’ve made it happen.

Second, you can share our recipes on all the main social sharing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Email, and Pinterest!

Third, if you love our recipe – please remember to click on the orange heart that says “Yum” on the printable section of the recipe so others will have more visibility (Yummly shares reader favorites on

And if you’re a food blogger, recipe blogger, or just love creating recipes and hosting them on a personal blog — here’s how to get more traffic from recipes using the Yummly app via the Yummly Publisher Network!

Yummly is my all-time go-to recipe source, and you’ll be able to see that when you conduct a Google search for a recipe…nine times out of ten, Yummly’s recipes are on the first, second or third spot on the first page of google! That’s because Yummly has over 15 million unique monthly users and several bloggers have reported Yummly surpassing Pinterest as their top traffic referrer. Whaaaaat?!

It’s also a breeze to submit your recipes through Yummly. You won’t need to manually submit recipes on and hope for approval for your submission. It’s just like Pinterest where anyone can add recipes and Yummly user(s) can discover, favorite, and become popular enough for to feature!!! Ta-da! MORE TRAFFIC!

WANT IN? Here’s what you need to do:

First: Add the Yum button to your blog. You can add it directly, via the Yummly recipe plugin, or via social sharing plugins like AddToAny, Shareaholic, or Simple Share buttons.

Next: Introduce your readers to Yummly! Share a post on your blog about being a publisher on Yummly and let your readers know that they can use the Yum button to save your recipes to their personal recipe box. Direct them to your Yummly publisher page so they can easy find and Yum your recipes.

Tip: You want your readers to Yum your recipes because more Yums equals more eyes on your content and increased referral traffic to your site!
And you can get your content featured!

Last: Once you’ve completed the above steps, let Yummly know by filling out their Yummly form so that you will be eligible to be featured on their social media channels, in emails to Yummly users, or around the Yummly site and apps.

Join the Yummy Publisher Network!

Here’s more information on how to join Yummly, FAQs, setting up your blog profile and the Yummly Publisher Network.

You welcome! -xOxO Daisy Teh

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