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Embassy Suites: Taking Family Vacations To a Higher Level!

Family vacations can either be enjoyable or frustrating depending on many factors – from travel time, activities to attractions, we sometimes get overwhelmed and experience vacation burn-out before the vacation even ends. We are SO thrilled to have the opportunity to check out Embassy Suites for our weekend getaway to Los Angeles!

After reading up on the survey results, I found out that there are four types of vacation personalities: Dabbler, Extender, Maximizer, or Accumulator. You can identify where you stand based on these four questions:

We tend to take shorter trips every couple of months and usually within a 4-6 our drive time. We take approximately 8 “dabbles” each year so that we can balance out the times we can spend together. We also feel more productive spending short amounts of time often with our children and have found the experiences to be more meaningful for all of us. I am definitely a dabbler!

Here are the definitions of of the four vacation personalities:

To get more out of our vacations, we always try to plan an itinerary at least 6-8 weeks beforehand. This will give us the opportunity to find the best deals and secure the best dates for travel with airfare, hotels, and scheduling for the family fun-filled activities.

During our vacation – we space out ample time between activities on the itinerary to allow our family to rest and relax. You are, after all, on a vacation! Be mindful of those traveling with you and come prepared with the things you need based on the weather and types of activities (don't bring sweaters during the 100+ degree Summers). Have the items organized, labeled, and ready to go so you're not scrounging around trying to find them last minute. We oftentimes have 10 luggage bags with us – sifting through 10 luggage bags to find items not properly organized together is a huge time suck and can kill any mood during a vacation.

And after vacation ends be sure to reflect on the memories and opportunities you got to experience AFTER you unpack and get that load of travel laundry in the washing machine. Unpacking right away is much quicker and is much easier to do since you're already wound up and running around from all the traveling you've done. If you lay around and bask in the good times – the luggage could end up sitting there for days! Afterward you're settled in – start gathering those pieces of your vacation that you can put in a scrapbook so you and your family will always remember.

Don't just take it from me! Embassy Suites has partnered with Dr. Susan Biali, a health and happiness expert and the author of Live a Life You Love: 7 Steps to a Healthier, Happier, More Passionate You, to help families “more-imize” their vacations this summer.

Check out Embassy Suite's website for more information about locations, prices, and amenities! You can also stay up-to-date on happening by following Embassy Suites on Twitter @EmbassySuites or on Facebook!

*By the way! They have an awesome “Get More Vacation” contest you should definitely enter to win! Their Facebook page has all the details!

I wrote this review while participating in an Ambassador Program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Embassy Suites Hotels and received a one-night complimentary stay at an Embassy Suites Hotel to facilitate my reviews and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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