6 Out of the Box Ways To Score A Free Vacation You Need To Know

6 Ways To Score A Free Vacation Pinterest

6 Ways To Score A Free Vacation Pinterest

The age old question of how to get something for free applies to nearly every area of our lives, and one of the most commonly asked questions is how to travel for free. Here are 6 Ways To Score A Free Vacation that are legitimate and can work. However, some of these tips may require hard work, your purchase up front of something other than your vacation or having a good credit record. Let's face it, nothing in life is free or falls into our laps without some form of work. Take a look at these great ways to score a free vacation and see which applies to you and your family.

Score A Free Vacation

6 Ways To Score A Free Vacation

Use Credit Card Reward Points. This is by far one of the easiest and most common ways to earn a free vacation. This is only free if you are using the credit card each month on regular purchases you would make anyway, and able to pay that card off monthly. Carrying a balance or running up a balance and with frivolous purchases to earn reward points is not a way to get a “free” vacation. In fact, that can cost you more in the long run. If you do this the right way – spending then paying off monthly – you can earn cash back or rewards points good for redemption toward flights, hotel stays, cruises and more. Discover Card, American Express, Citibank and Capital One all have programs that are excellent.

Sit Through A Time Share Presentation. This popular past time of years gone by is a real way to get a free vacation. The rules have changed through the years, and you do need to make sure you have a quality company you are speaking with, but it is possible. Most of these require a credit check up front to see if you are eligible to buy at all. If you fail the credit check, you likely won't be given a free stay. If you pass the initial check, you are going to be showered with a nice resort/condo stay, food, entertainment and a 2-3 hour long presentation as your way of “paying”. If buying into a time share isn't in your budget or long term goals, listen politely and say a firm no thank you.

Enter Sweepstakes And Giveaways. Sure it's a shot in the dark, but it is a valid one. There are tons of online sweepstakes happening all the time that offer free flights, gift cards and vacations. Spend a few hours a week or month checking out your favorite review and giveaway blogs for travel giveaways. Also make sure to follow your favorite airlines, cruise ship companies and travel venues (hotels, resorts, etc.) for potential giveaways they will have.

Go To Work Conferences. Is your job something that requires you to get continuing education, or perhaps simply attend a conference from time to time? Take advantage of those trips to enjoy some of the local scenery where you are traveling to. Business conference in Chicago? Enjoy your day in meetings then hit the town at night for shows, great food and museums. While mostly work related, you can still enjoy seeing new cities and great venues for only a little out of pocket.

Blog About It. There is a misconception that a blogger can get anything they want for free. While there is truth to the fact that having a successful blog with a large social media following and consistent daily readers can help you earn tons of free promotional items and even a few travel advantages, there is no real way to simply start a blog and get a free vacation tomorrow. However, with some work in advance and dedication to increasing your following, providing good quality and honest blog posts – you can enjoy advantages of travel for a discounted rate. Many resorts and hotel chains will comp rooms for highly ranked bloggers during their off seasons. Tons of amusement parks and entertainment venues will comp passes to highly ranked bloggers as well. This one isn't quick or easy, but with hard work can score you a mostly free vacation.

Become A Flight Attendant. Want to see a ton of great cities or even countries? What better way to do so than becoming a flight attendant. Yes there are long hours involved and tons of work, but there are also a lot of great ways for you to see places you would never be able to afford otherwise. With airfare practically free to any destination around the world, you can easily become the world traveler you have always dreamed of.

Everyone wants something free these days, but reality is you have to do some work to get free rewards. Even as simple as clicking a “like” or “share” to enter a giveaway is work on your behalf to be able to win something for no cash out of your pocket. If you are willing to do some or a lot of work, these 6 Ways To Score A Free Vacation can actually legitimately work for you. They can be fun ways to spend time with your family, or to just get away alone for a few days to relax and decompress.

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