6 Innovative Ways We’ve Figured Out How To Score A Free Hotel Room

how to score a free hotel room

how to score a free hotel room

Everyone loves to travel, but nobody loves the travel expenses.  This year you can put into action our tips on How To Score A Free Hotel Room to cut down on costs.  While not every tip in our list is doable for every individual, there are truly great legitimate ways to earn free hotel rooms that your family can use for upcoming vacations.  Whether you are planning a romantic weekend getaway, or setting your eye on a dream vacation with the family you are sure to find a way to cut back on travel expenses with this list.


USE HOTEL REWARDS PROGRAMS.  The easiest way to score a free hotel room comes with individual hotel chain rewards programs.  Nearly every single national chain of hotels has some type of savings program. Most hotel chains give each hotel and room type a point system.  When you reach a set number of points you can then redeem for a hotel of your choice within the chain.  If you travel for business check into using your personal rewards cards on those stays to help build your points.

USE CREDIT CARD REWARD PROGRAMS.  Just like the hotels themselves, most credit card companies have a reward program in place that allows you to redeem points toward various resorts, hotels or prizes.  Check your existing credit cards or sign up with one of the many available that offer a great rewards program.  Make sure to use them wisely and always pay off your balance each month.

COMPLAIN OR BRAG WHEN APROPRIATE.  While we would never suggest you complain about your room in an effort to get a free room somewhere, you will find many companies who give vouchers for free stays when you take the time to fill out surveys.  Whether you let them know about an issue you had with the staff, hotel or individual room always make sure to do so in a respectful and constructive way.  When bragging about a staff member or hotel, make sure to include the key points and mention you will stay again. While not guaranteed, on many occasions both of these tactics do work for free or discounted hotel stays.

WRITE A REVIEW.  A little different from the approach mentioned above, there are many opportunities to review a hotel in exchange for a free room.  If you are in the travel industry, a blogger or a media representative of any kind, you can often find hotels who will give you free nights in exchange for a public review.

ENTER VACATION GIVEAWAYS.  Check out radio station giveaways as well as online giveaways for great free stays.  If you are looking for a place that is out of your local area, always make sure to look up their local radio stations and follow social media for potential upcoming giveaways.  With a smaller market than mos larger chain social media pages have, local radio station giveaways will give you a much higher chance of winning.

USE ONLINE REWARDS & SURVEY GROUPS.  While online rewards programs and survey groups may seem to have little or no return, there are a few that we love and recommend.  Not only do you have potential to easily earn points to redeem for things like hotel stays or money to pay for your vacation, but you will find tons of their rewards in the process.  Swagbucks, Pinecone Research and Mindfield Internet Panelists have all paid out easily and well in the past for our readers.

No matter what you do, travel will have some expense.  This year help to cut back on your costs by using our tips for how to score a free hotel room.  Research rewards programs and the latest hot credit card offers and decide which will benefit you the most.  Remember, every individual family unit is different so check all method to find something that works great for you.

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