9 Things You’ll Need for a Successful Etsy Shop

9 Things You Will Need for a Successful Etsy Shop

9 Things You’ll Need for a Successful Etsy Shop

9 Things You Will Need for a Successful Etsy Shop

So you’ve started an Etsy shop, but aren’t sure how to get your sales up? Here’s a little advice:

These are just tips, tricks and ideas – my advice is not the be all end all, by any means. Good luck!

9 Things You’ll Need for a Successful Etsy Shop

Perfect photos. Don’t let this one scare you off already. Making your Etsy shop successful is going to take some work, so dig in and get started on learning how to take amazing photos. Read up on digital photography, ask your photographer friends for tips, and put effort into making your photos jaw-dropping. It’s a must.

Buzzwords. Way back when, “OOAK” was the buzzword. Now, “limited” or “limited edition” work better.

Variety of prices. While a shop with only high priced items can make a lot of money from a few sales, and a shop with only low priced items will not, having a variety of prices is key to keeping customers happy. Sometimes, a customer might be shopping for a birthday and willing to spend $100. Other times, the same customer might be shopping for a “just because”, and only wanting to spend $25.

Variety of items. Some shops are successful while only selling one or two different types of items, but the chances of being successful are higher when your customers have variety!

Uniqueness. Successful Etsy shops are unique. They don’t copy others, they don’t follow the trends just to follow them, and they actually don’t even worry about what other shops are doing. While it’s important to do market research, you need to utilize your own ideas.

Optimization. Successful shop owners utilize all thirteen tags that Etsy allows. Start with general tags, like “jewelry” or “bracelet”. Follow up with specifics, like colors, sizes, etc. Optimize your posts by using SEO. Don’t know anything about SEO? Check out this crash course in SEO.

Presence on Social Media. While Etsy is an amazing platform to sell your handmade items, it’s also super easy to get buried among the million other sellers. My best advice? Use social media wisely! It’s a free way to get your brand out there, so why not?


Happy Customers! Keep your customers happy by offering amazing customer service. Go above and beyond! Boost customer satisfaction by having great shipping practice.

Goals. While often overlooked, having goals is one of the most important parts of being successful! Set a goal to sell 5 items your first month, then increase it to 10 or maybe even 25! Work smarter each day to increase your sales and following.

Do you have an Etsy shop? What’s your best tip?

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