CD Art DIY Home Decor Project

CD Art DIY Home Decor Project

CD Art DIY Home Decor Project

We put together this adorable and fun CD art DIY home decor project as an effort to save money (and hopefully time). Be sure to bookmark and save this for future use!

CD Art DIY Home Decor Project

My best friend's expecting her third baby boy and I get to plan her baby shower! We try to be as resourceful as we can when it comes to purchases for home decor, party decorations, and pretty much anything that's made for non-functional and aesthetically pleasing use.

CD Art DIY Home Decor Project

CD Art DIY Party Decor Project

And when it comes to recycling and reusing stuff at home, I did this with CD's because we don't use them anymore. With the use of iPods, Amazon Prime, Spotify, and more cloud type services – I haven't had to use CD's in a REALLY long time. Hope you find this post helpful and if you still use CD's well then more power to ya'.

You can use this for DIY project for home, parties, and school use too!

CD Art DIY Home Decor Project

Items Needed:
Old CD’s
Modge Podge
Scrapbook Paper or Card Stock
Hot Glue Gun

CD Art DIY Home Decor Project

First decide how you want your wall piece to look like, once you have determined the number CD’s you will use, take a piece of light grit sand paper and gently scuff up the back side (shinny side) of each CD.

CD Art DIY Home Decor Project

Place your scrapbook paper pretty side down and trace your CD’s on to the paper and cut out each circle.

Using Modge Podge, apply a thin coat, one CD at a time and place your cutout circle onto it, pressing it firmly in place.

Allow all CD’s to dry completely.

Once glue has dried, create a dry layout of your wall art. After it has been laid out, using your hot glue gun, glue each CD in place. Allow glue to dry again.

Glue a piece of ribbon to the back of your art using more hot glue and allow to dry before hanging.

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    Cheryl Everitt
    December 31, 2016 at 2:38 PM

    When I showed this article to my granddaughter she was beside herself! We have circles all over the place. Thank you for sharing.

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