Five Awesome Ways to Make Money Blogging

Five Awesome Ways to Make Money Blogging

Five Awesome Ways to Make Money Blogging

For some folks, blogging is simply not about the money. For the other millions of us out there, we could use some cash, right? Don’t get me wrong… I understand the nobility of blogging for the creative process. But if you do want to blog for profit–don’t make the mistake of thinking that blogging can’t be profitable, because it certainly can! It will take patience, time and plenty of trial and error to do so, but it can be done. Here are five great ways to open the door to make money blogging:

1. Sell Ads Yourself

If you own a blog and it has a decent following within a certain niche, you can probably sell ad space and make a few bucks. People wanting to advertise want to put their names in front of people that would naturally be interested in their products. For example, if you run a blog about your pet tarantula, you might sell ad space to a pet store that offers supplies. This option does require an established presence online within your niche, however.

2. Have Google Do It (Adsense)

Adsense does still work no matter what you might have read. The fact is, however, that you get out what you put in. If you tailor the ads to be attractive on your blog and make sure you target the right audience, you will make money over time. It is a waiting game and a cumulative process, though, so don’t expect riches overnight.

3. Sell Products for Amazon

All those awesome products on Amazon earn you money if you join Amazon’s affiliate program. You sign up and then send people to their site from your blog. When they make purchases, you make a commission. This works great if you can do product reviews that fit in with your niche. It doesn’t matter what people purchase from Amazon. If they use your link to get there–you get paid. But again, patience is key.

4. Sell Your Own Products

What is better than selling something for someone else? Of course selling your own stuff is tops! If you have a product or service to market, your blog can be a powerful tool. Take the time to lay out your options and pick and choose from among the many shopping options on the market. You can make your own little virtual store.

5. E-books Rule the Day

It is shocking how easily you can make money with e-books. All of us have something valuable to say, and we can put that in written form. Whether it is perfect recipes for quick dinner ideas or a way to overcome anxiety, creating and selling e-books can be a profitable endeavor. The best thing about your blog is that you control what is sold and offered. Pick and choose from the very best and you can make a nice income. Sell your own or sell other’s for a commission. Either way, you will make some extra income.

Making money on your blog requires time and patience, but it can be done. If you are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, you likely are wasting your time. But if you are looking for a way to make money doing what you love (writing, recommending products and connecting with readers) you CAN see long term earnings that grow exponentially each year. Get started and give these five ways a shot!

If you own a profitable blog already–what other great ideas do you have?

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