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The Trash Never Smelled So Fresh

I love it when I find a new product that solves an ongoing household problem. We keep a lot of food, snacks, drinks and restaurant left overs at home. Some of these items stay fresh for a while, but other items need to be thrown out within a day or two. This is the problem. Have you ever thrown out expired items from the fridge into the kitchen trash on a Monday, but it sits there for days because trash pickup isn’t until the Friday? By day 2 or 3, you noticed the contents of the trash by the odor it creates.

The trashcan we have in our kitchen has an automatic lid, so every time it opens you can tell if we’ve thrown out certain things like fish, eggs shells, certain veggies or neglected leftovers from restaurants we’ve eaten at during the weekend. Considering that this is in the kitchen, it’s a very unpleasant situation to be in when you’re about to eat. This is especially embarrassing when we have guests over for parties and gatherings. I cringe every time someone has to throw something away, but I can’t just keep changing the bag because it’s not always full, that would be wasteful. We seem to come across this problem more often than we should at our house, at least we used to.


Well, now I no longer have this problem. What would you guess I did? Spray the trash can or drop an odor neutralizing products in with the trash? Those are good ideas, but no, it’s easier than that – I found the new Glad ForceFlex OdorShield trash bags with Febreeze! It’s a life saver and space saver. A life saver because I no longer feel like I have to explain why our trash smells so bad, and a space saver because now I don’t have to replace the bag every time the odor becomes too overwhelming.

Now we’re able to leave in the same bag we put in from the beginning of the week all the way up to Friday. The wonderful scent of Febreeze depletes the smell of whatever spoiled food we’ve dumped out. Glad ForceFlex OdorShield trash bags with Febreeze gives our kitchen continuous Odor Neutralization for up to five days passing even the toughest sniff test!


No longer do I have to hear that scary movie sound effect in my head each time someone walks towards the trash. With its odor neutralization, we now have one less problem to worry about. The kitchen just feels so much cleaner and fresher now that we’re using Glad OdorShield bags. I know it may seem like a minor change, but the difference it has made for our home is significant!



Aside from the smell being taken care of, it’s also more convenient to switch out the bags now. This new product is designed with reinforcing bands that help strengthen the plastic and a drawstring that makes the job of tying up and carrying out the bag a breeze. So why don’t you try the “Five Day Odor Claim Challenge”, you’ll be GLAD you did!

Visit to get more information on the Glad ForceFlex OdorShield trash bags.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of GLAD . The opinions and text are all mine.

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