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The Promise. Our Destination Wedding Renewal of Vows and Share Your Story!

We celebrated our ninth year wedding anniversary on January, 6th 2017 and we created a vlog of our love story, our living testimony for God’s goodness. This is the first time we’ve shared our personal past publicly and our hope is to encourage those of you who think it’s too late for your dreams to come true that it’s not.

.ThePromise 17

If you’ve been following along our story over the last 2.5 years, you were able to witness our wedding proposal and engagement back in March 2012. If you haven’t had a chance to read all about it, you can go to The Promise. Our Engagement Story now to catch up!

We met with the Beaches Resorts Wedding Coordinator, Shanrica, and she made our experience so seamless and easy. Stress-free was an understatement.

Beaches Resorts Cake Tasting

We did cake tasting, discussed the ceremony, music, flowers, food, reception, photography. We then found a location and did our rehearsal and afterward we celebrated with a champagne toast. Everything took about two hours.

The day of our wedding was quite an adventure. We woke up to room service with breakfast in bed and then went to the Red Lane Spa afterward for my manicure and George’s massage. All of these things were included in our Weddingmoons Package.

Beaches Resorts Snorkeling

Once my manicure was dry, we did something we probably shouldn’t have done. We went snorkeling! Oh boy! It was our last day there and what good is a Caribbean vacation without snorkeling, right?! I’m happy to say my manicure made it through, great job Red Lane Spa! And although it probably wasn’t a good idea at the time, I’m glad we did it – NO REGRETS!

Our wedding was later that afternoon, so we had enough time to get ready after snorkeling. We both got ready in our room and George left to meet the Wedding Coordinator before I put my dress on. I did my own hair and makeup because I’m awesome like that, and Shanrica came to my room to pick me up and help me put my wedding dress on. I purchased my dress at David’s Bridal on clearance for $99 and it so happened to be my size! It was originally a halter top style, and I had it altered to make it shorter and strapless. She helped me feel at ease, because I was a little nervous!

Here’s a vlog of our love story and footage of our renewal of vows (and be sure to scroll down for the photo gallery too)…

We rode in her golf cart to the site location, and once I arrived, I waited at the front of the pier for my signal to begin walking. It was a little windy and the weather called for rain, but thankfully it did not rain until we got to our reception. And all of you professional photographers know what I mean when I say I’m glad the weather was a little cloudy, because there was no overcasting shadow or harsh sunlight – it was the perfect lighting. And although it was windy, I felt like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez in a music video with the fan blowing on their faces and their hair perfectly tousled by the wind. And because my dress was an empire waistline with chiffon layers, the direction of the wind blew my dress in the most perfect direction ideal for a wedding day.

.ThePromise 1

I swear the angels in heaven were orchestrating above as if they were managing the stage lights and fan at just the right time — like it was planned just for me. It was magical. When the Wedding Coordinator gave me the signal and the music began to play, I began walking down the pier. We got married at Beaches Resorts Turks and Caicos ON. THE. BEACH. Squeeeee!!! It felt so surreal, yet I was trying my best to be present and in the moment to bask it all in.

.ThePromise 6

George’s back was turned and he was facing the clear blue water to keep the element of surprise of me in my wedding dress. Once my feet hit the sand, the Wedding Coordinator gave him the signal to turn around and I remember the look on his face of surprise as he saw me walking towards him in my beautiful wedding dress. It really was a wedding dress fit for the occasion and location. And he was so handsome, such a good looking husband!

.ThePromise 11

Once I was face-to-face with him overlooking the clear blue waves, he said I looked stunning and breathtaking and loved the wedding dress on me. I started crying before the Pastor even began speaking and George was wiping the tears that were streaming down my face.

.ThePromise 14

During the ceremony, we repeated the Pastor with traditional vows and also shared our own personal vows for each other and then exchanged rings.

.ThePromise 16

The funniest moment of the ceremony was when George realized that he forgot the rings in his backpack and had to run back to the gazebo to get it!

.ThePromise 20

.ThePromise 19

.ThePromise 18

We recommitted our marriage to God and each other and exchanged kisses. It was indeed breathtaking. Afterward the onsite photographer, Ricardo, spent about an hour taking photos of us during the ceremony and on the beach. He came with us to the reception where he also took photos of us cutting the cake.

.ThePromise 23

.ThePromise 22

We spent 30-minutes enjoying the food, cake, and champagne and just talking. The rain came down during our reception and they say rain signifies blessings and an outpouring of favor from above. I truly believe that! It miraculously stopped raining when the reception was over and we headed back to the room to change and hang out.

Later that day we met with the photo studio to review and select our photographs. We purchased the ones we wanted and were able to get them on a CD to keep and reprint later. We were able to share our professional photos immediately after with all our family, friends, and readers on social media! We decided to do make it a private ceremony with just the two of us and do a weddingmoon (wedding and honeymoon) since we never had a honeymoon. We both agreed later that it was the right thing to do, and we had such a good time celebrating!

We may do a 10-year renewal of vows with all of our friends and family in Las Vegas, but until then, we are going to enjoy being re-newlyweds! If I had a chance to do this all over again, I totally would! And if you’re interested in doing a destination wedding or renewing your vows, I highly recommend Beaches Resorts with your family or Sandals Resorts as an adults-only wedding. They made the experience memorable, simple, and extraordinary.

We hope you enjoyed our story, and be sure to pin our photos for destination wedding inspiration! I can’t thank Hearts On Fire, Beaches Resorts, and Specture Media Las Vegas enough for making this all possible and giving us new memories that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. It was truly a magical destination wedding / weddingmoon experience for us. And Beaches Resorts really knows luxury travel, especially for families.

There’s no greater feeling than to love and be loved. We all have our own special love story and would love to read yours! What’s your love story? Share your story in the comments below and we may just share them on all our social networks too! And with Valentine’s Day coming up, what better way for us to feature acts of love than with our very own readers! If you have a photo you’d like to use, be sure to email me directly at with your photo so we can include it for any upcoming social media posts*. And if you’re a blogger that’s written about your love story, include the link to your post too and let’s share the love*!

*By sending us your photo and/or link to your blog post (if applicable), you give permission to use your photo, story, and any links you’ve provided for any upcoming editorial features or social media posts.

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