7 Tips On How To Decorate A Bedroom and What Every Bedroom Needs

Ah, the bedroom. My peaceful haven of serenity and comfort. It's where my best ideas were birthed and where my sweetest dreams have come from. It's no wonder we spend more time on our bed than any other furniture in our home and typically one-third of our lives sleeping. Bedrooms are your life, tells all about your habits, and is your lifestyle. A bedroom has a personality. Though it's a place where we spend a huge amount of time, we oftentimes find ourselves giving the bedroom the least amount of thought.

Photo Credit: West Elm Design Lab

Photo Credit: West Elm Design Lab

Why? Is it because we don't think anyone will ever come into our bedrooms? It's the least seen room? I encourage you to think about how you want to feel more so than what other people feel. Your bedroom is your special place for quiet “you” time and the space that gives you the ability to think A LOT, the most intimate place in our lives — don't you want to feel good being in it?

Here are pieces and design ideas to decorating (or refreshing) your bedroom to become your own luxurious and relaxing retreat inspired by my favorite brand – West Elm! West Elm has everything I need to give my bedroom the makeover that it needs. What if I can't afford some (or all) of the pieces, you ask? Not to worry, because I've created an inspiration board that includes similar looks for less that you can find at Target or Amazon! Hooray!

But first things first — a little bedroom retreat 101 on what your bedroom needs and decor ideas. Use this along with the ideas on my inspiration board, and you'll have it all down and put together in no time.

7 Tips On How To Decorate A Bedroom and What Every Bedroom Needs

1. Throw Pillows are a must to dressing up the bed. Be bold with colors and patterns to add what I call that “umph” factor.

2. Add in the element of dark, sexy glamour. Things like a large, gray tufted headboard, crystal chandeliers, and an dark accent wall do the trick. You only need 1-2 pieces to balance this element, otherwise it will start to look like a theme coming out of Edgar Allan Poe's “The Raven”. Muwahaha!

3. Stick to one theme, and be consistent. While we're on the subject of themes – stick to one consistent theme. You don't want to have one side of the bedroom shabby chic, then one side of the bedroom traditional, and then another side of the bedroom contemporary. It will make for picking out pieces so much easier.

4. Prints and accent pieces are your bedroom's best friend. It will take your bedroom from drab to FAB, they aren't very expensive to incorporate, and will give your room that oo la la look it needs to feel refreshed. They can be used on your bedding set, your lampshades, your rug, even your nightstand. Embrace the prints! Embrace the accent pieces!

5. Those walls, though. Wanna know what's really boring? Blank walls. I can't tell you how many bedrooms I've seen with zero paintings, paint, accent pieces on their walls. Here's a cool space saving, chic design trick I discovered when touring fancy model homes: find lamps you can affix to walls on each side of your bed to create more space on your nightstands AND add a touch of accent to your walls. It's like a 2-in-1 home decor problem solver. You welcome!

6. Comfort should be equal priority to design. I mentioned model homes in the last tip that made me realize how much of a facade they give of the look of comfort. But when I've sat down on a mattress in the model home, it turns out that it's a piece of wood. Granted that it's a model home, but seriously, how often do we sacrifice comfort for design in our home decor? It should never be the case for your bedroom. The biggest piece of comfort factor to consider is your mattress. Make sure you have an amazing mattress that will bring you peaceful and serene dreams. A couple of years ago I was a Nature's Sleep ambassador and received a brand new memory foam mattress. The sleep experience has been nothing short of amazing. You can still find all the amazing Nature's Sleep reviews on my site, and I encourage you to focus on comfort during your decor adventures!

7. Make your bedroom a collection of personalized things you love. For me, I added gorgeous canvas prints of our renewal of vows in Turks and Caicos in our bedroom, flower arrangements, all happy memories that bring me joy. Because in order for your room to truly be unique to you, it needs to be filled with the collection of things you love throughout.

4.16 The It Mom West Elm Inspired Bedroom MOODBOARDClip Corner Nailbutton Headboard (Target) — $213.74 (Compare to $899 from West Elm)

Pacificia Duvet Cover Set (Target) — $129.99 (Compare to $209 from West Elm)

Threshold Mirrored Nightstand (Target) — $71.99 (Compare to $399 from West Elm)

4.16 The It Mom West Elm Inspired Bedroom PRICES

Kingsbury X-Base Vanity Stool (Amazon) — $174.59 (Compare to $199 from West Elm

Xhilaration Shag Rug, 5×7 (Target) — $80.99 (Compare to $399 from West Elm)

Safevieh Nola Stacked Crystal Lamps, Set of 2 (Target) — $82.99 or $43 each (Compare to $199 from West Elm)

Threshold Raw Edge Quilted Sham, Grey (Target) — $19.99 (Compare to $49 from West Elm)

Threshold Raw Edge Quilted Sham, White (Target) — $19.99

4.16 The It Mom West Elm Inspired Bedroom VERTICAL


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