How To Score Free Amusement Park Passes

How To Score Free Amusement Park Passes

How To Score Free Amusement Park Passes

We show you tips on how to score free amusement park passes, because nothing screams vacations quite like standing in line for hours for that one big ride at the local amusement park. This year, keep your budget low and your family happy with our tips on How To Score Free Amusement Park Passes.  These great legitimate ways to get free passes are perfect for any family.  While each individual idea can apply somewhere, they won't work at every park you come across.  Check out our ideas then put them into action to give your family a summer they will never forget.


APPLY FOR A JOB AT THE PARK.  One of the quickest ways to get free amusement park passes is to simply go to work for the park.  Many parks will employ an individual for as little as 1-2 shifts per month and still give them a compensated pass for themselves as well as a few to share.  If you live near a great amusement park then this is a great place to begin.

ENTER GIVEAWAYS.  Always watch for giveaways in the area of the park you are planning to visit.  Local TV stations, radio stations and even chambers of commerce will often host great giveaways that will give you and others a chance to win a free pass.

REVIEW THE PARK.  Do you own a blog?  Maybe you write for another online source or even a regional or local printed publication?  There are tons of parks who are more than happy to give you compensated amusement park passes in exchange for your honest review of the facility.

BUY PASSES IN BULK.  Check group rates and discounts available when you purchase passes in bulk.  Many places will offer a free pass or discounts that are equivalent to a free pass when you purchase them in bulk.

ASK YOUR HOTEL.  A ton of hotels near amusement parks will offer either discounted or free admission passes to the local venues with the booking of a room.  Some offer discounts only while others will offer a free pass for every so many days stay.  No matter what location you are going to, make sure to ask the management of your hotel if they offer free passes.

LISTEN TO A TIME SHARE PRESENTATION.  For decades time share presentations have been both loved and dreaded.  The most popular destinations are often near great family friendly amusement parks.  As one of the perks of going through a presentation, many people are offered free passes to local entertainment including the latest amusement park.

GO ON YOUR BIRTHDAY.  Many amusement parks offer a free day pass on your birthday or anniversary.  Call ahead and check if your planned destination offers this perk and enjoy a great birthday treat on them.

While not every amusement park around will offer you a chance to get a free pass, there are multiple options out there that are sure to help you lower your budget.  One of the best things you can do is to simply pick up the phone and call the park itself to find out.  These tips on how to score a free amusement park pass have all be proven to work a various parks nationwide.  This year let that free vacation be yours for the taking.

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