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Give ‘Em Ragu FREE iPhone and Android App: A Long Day of Childhood Adventures

My children LOVE taking videos (especially of themselves), so it was only appropriate to participate in the Ragu Long Day of Childhood campaign surrounding the release of their Give ‘Em Ragu online and mobile app! When Ragu reached out to my children were ecstatic, and watching a Long Day of Childhood Commercials on YouTube were highly entertaining (with over 1-million views – it's GOOD)!

Ragu mixes together snippets of your uploaded videos or photos and creates an intermingled 30-second “commercial” complete with the professional jingle and authentic voice over! The campaign focuses on how hard children have it, and their adventures of a long day of being a child. SO CUTE! A Long Day of Childhood advertising campaign was unveiled by Ragu back in August to create a comedic and humorous marketing approach to their products. And it worked! It also proved a great way to showcase families having dinner together and how outrageously good, bad, and ugly childhood stories can be around the dinner table! 

Want to be part of the media hype and create your own Give ‘Em Ragu ad for your child? Here's how:
iPhone -OR- Go to iTunes and search for Give’ Em Ragu
Android  Recently launched on 12/03!

It's as easy as 1-2-3 to create:

1. Downloaded the free app and click on the “Get Started” button

2. Choose whether you want to create a video or use photos and then upload:

  • Choose video or images from your Facebook page or your own photo library.
  • Drop in the footage to create a storyboard or select the section of the video best suited for the commercial.

3. Type in a short description of your story to provide as a visual.   The app will then create your own :30 second version of the Give ‘Em Ragu promo spot!

*TIP: If you want to remove the commercial visual of the ad spot and only feature the voice over and jingle with the full video of your children – click on the bolt/setting icon on the bottom left of the iPhone app and upload a 30-second or longer video. The settings are automatically set to having the footage ON – so you would need to change that (see the video I made as an example)

And that's it! You'll keep hitting ‘Next' until the video is done processing, and then you can send it to Facebook or YouTube. After you've saved it to either Facebook or YouTube, you have the option to share it on Facebook, Twitter,  and/or Instagram (Facebook app version only for Instagram)! I tried it on both my iPhone 4S and the Facebook app and it is virtually the same, however, it did seem to take much longer to process using the Facebook app. Also, you cannot change or modify the Ragu spot or the jingle. And the jingle that comes from the description you type up seems to be the same jingle for every description I created – not sure how that all works. You should also know that the view, positioning, and format of the video may not do the ad spot justice once it's all said and done. All in all, it was a lot of fun to create and watch and the commercials are addicting – you watch one and then you'll want to watch them all!

I created a couple of different videos (one with Ragu visual footage and one without). Both are relevant (perfectly depicting the humorous side of this campaign)…

Without Ragu Footage (option is turned “OFF”):

With Ragu Footage (option is turned “ON”):

Disclaimer:  While I was compensated for writing this post on behalf of Circle of Moms and Ragu, all opinions are 100% my own.

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