Alomune: A Daily Immune Strengthener

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With influenza, pneumonia, and colds – the natural cold-care market is a $2 billion industry in the U.S. The big products in the category are things like vitamin C, Echinacea, vitamin D, and probiotics. However, these products have been shown to have very little effect in preventing colds in the general population. The results from the clinical trial on larch arabinogalactan in preventing colds are about twice as good as the results from the best clinical trial on vitamin C. Alomune, a new immune supplement clinically shown to help arm your natural defenses and help you stay healthy. Backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal, it’s only available at Alomune's website.

Alomune is a daily immune strengthener:

  • Don't waste money on products you take just when you don't feel well. Alomune is what you take when you do feel well and want help staying that way.
  • Help improve your body's natural defenses year-round. A strong, active immune system increases your odds of staying healthy.

Alomune's proprietary ingredient, ResistAid:

  • Made in the U.S. from renewable Minnesota Larch trees, ResistAid helps increase your body's ability to respond to immune challenges.
  • ResistAid provides a safe and natural way to help enhance your immune system and keep you healthy all year long.

Consumers can get a 30-day supply for just $4.95 shipping with no obligation if they find that Alomune isn’t right for them (which means they are offering a money back guarantee if you do not like it). Clinical research shows that larch arabinogalactan, the main ingredient in Alomune, helps reduce colds by 25%. In one clinical study, 57% more stayed healthy from colds taking larch arabinogalactan vs. placebo (sugar pill).  

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