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Doll Pin Reindeer Ornament Craft

Now that I'm at home with the kids afterschool, I figured it was time I start dabbling into crafts. Especially with Juliana and Jasmine – they LOVE crafting. Me, I'm meh. I want to do them, but I feel like I really suck on the details and creativity side of crafting. My husband, on the other hand, is artistic and creative in every way. And every time we both do a craft, his finished product always puts mine to shame. So why bother haha.

I was able to find a SUPER EASY craft that even I can't mess up, and the kids will love it. Try it today or during your holiday festivities as a fun activity for every age.

Please note: Doll Pins are different than clothes pins in that the doll pins are flat on the bottom. If you choose to hang these, clothes pins will work fine. But if you want them to stand on their own, you need doll pins.

You could also add a pin to the back and pin this on your coat or shirt.

Adding a string will allow them to be hung as ornaments.

Wood Doll Pins
Brown Acrylic Paint
–used craft essentials in brown
Small Red Pom Poms
12″ brown chenille stem
Hot Glue Gun
Paint Brush

Paint the doll pin with brown acrylic paint and let dry.
Fold a chenille stem in half and then bend over the ends about 1″ to form antlers.
Glue the antler on the back of the head with hot glue and affix the red pom pom on to the face for the nose.

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