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NYFW 2016 Trends – 3 Perfect Watch Styles For The Modern Mom

Straight Outta’ NYFW 2016 – 3 Perfect Watch Styles For The Modern Mom


When I was invited by KYBOE! watches to fly out to New York to attend my very first New York Fashion Week, it was a total cross off of my bucket list. It was my first time and I was mixed with all kinds of emotions – inspiration, aspiration, hope, and motivation. I partnered with KYBOE! Watches to share my journey attending NYFW 2016 and I’m excited to share my experiences with you.


If you don’t already know what KYBOE! watches are, you will now! They are the hottest, trendiest, functional and most stylish designed watches to hit the fashion accessories industry globally. KYBOE! are originally inspired watches that are bright, bold and beautiful, inspired by the endless flower fields the Netherlands is known for. Known for their slogan “BIGGER IS BETTER”, KYBOE! watches are the biggest and boldest on the planet – literally!


They offer vibrant and colorful statement pieces that are created specifically for the work hard, play hard lifestyle of a modern working busy mom on-the-go. And if anyone knows how important time is, it’s the modern mama’s of the world who need to track their times and schedules to the second!

KYBOE! really has the modern busy mom lifestyle in mind when they put together this crazy amazing line-up of watches.

Attending the KYBOE! Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week

Mens Watches KYBOE New York Fashion Week Fashion Show

I attended the KYBOE! fashion show during New York Fashion Week (their first time ever showcasing their line) and it was a full house. The fashion show was completely packed and they did a phenomenal job portraying the look and style that they stand for. The runway was lined up with hand mannequins that rotated like a carousel to show off their hundreds of styles, colors, and designs.

Fabulous Models KYBOE New York Fashion Week Fashion Show

The runway models came out one by one next to the runway to show off their own unique KYBOE! watch style in front of the photographers, media, and press. I had the privilege of sitting on the 3rd row so I was close to all the action! The models were having a fabulous time, and it showed when they strutted their stuff on the catwalk.

The KYBOE! fashion show finale during NYFW 2016

Finale KYBOE New York Fashion Week Fashion Show

Finale KYBOE New York Fashion Week Fashion Show

KYBOE New York Fashion Week Fashion Show

Brooklyn native and savvy entrepreneur Marc Bell and his wife, Jennifer Bell came out during the finale to end, and afterward we were allowed to take photos with and of the models. The show was well put together and organized, and everyone around me (including myself) had a great time! I am excited to see KYBOE! watches and their success take off! They totally deserve it!

Marc and Jennifer Bell at KYBOE New York Fashion Week Fashion Show

When I looked through the different styles and looks KYBOE! has to offer, I must admit I was picturing watches that were loud and overly blinged out. And as a working career mom in Human Resources, we are often asked to keep our clothing and accessories polished and professional to set a good corporate example to our peers within the organization.

KYBOE New York Fashion Week Fashion Show

But honestly, I was ready for something new. My unique sense of style is polished and monochromatic, but I also want bold and colorful pieces to pop with my monochromatic style. I want my watch to reflect my personality – bold, unique and set apart. So of course, I opted for this gorgeous timepiece – the Radiant Rose Gold 48mm KYBOE! Women’s Watch


It’s big and bold, yet elegant and classy. This watch has the perfect amount of shine and doesn’t come across too loud or blingy. In fact, none of the KYBOE! watches come across this way – they are all very tasteful and stylish. And I love that all KYBOE! watches are water-resistant up to 330 feet and light up!

I know that shopping for statement pieces can be overwhelming when there are a ton of choices. Here are 3 perfect watch styles I’ve found can work well for the modern mom in mind. With these, we considered quality, style, functionality and comfort since we’ve got little ones we’re running around with.

3 Perfect Watch Styles For The Modern Mom

1. The Power Watch: This is your watch style if your style is vibrant and bold. You’re a natural born leader and often stand out from others. This style watch can match any ensemble and doesn’t fade into the background of your wardrobe – it’s just the right amount of pop!
2. The Radiant Watch: They’re perfect for fancy date nights and wearing with jeans and a dress shirt. If you’re into the soft, sparkly statement pieces – this is the watch style for you. Radiant Watches have beautiful pave crystal surrounding the face and are the perfect touch of class.
3. The Neon Watch: If you’re a sporty mom whose lifestyle is just as active in the gym as it is IRL (in real life), then THIS is it! Electric neon mixes with polished stainless steel to create a sporty color that reflects you as an active and unique individual. You can wear it to the pool, at the gym, or when you’re in the carpool lane picking up the kids from school – it’s the all around kind of watch you’ll wear every. single. day.

KYBOE! is sold at hundreds of retailers worldwide and online at www.KYBOE.com. Which is the perfect watch style unique to you?

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