What’s new with Kia Motors and discoveries at CES! PLUS Check out the 2013 Kia Rio SX!



It was our first year attending the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and we had a blast representing Kia Motors, learning new technological advances with their new vehicles, and what CES had to offer all around this year.

Kia Motors already has phase one of the UVO Infotainment System that offers convenience controls on your steering wheel, voice activated commands, and bluetooth wireless capabilities. But the 2014 models are sure to please consumers who are looking for more than just convenient ways to be entertained. Phase two of the UVO eServices System will now integrate additional tools for driver safety! And for FREE! Many of you are familiar with the OnStar button you see on other vehicle manufacturers – the UVO Infotainment System will have similar features but MORE!


For starters, the UVO eServices program will be available for tracking through Kia Motors' smartphone app and online (again FOR FREE!) where you'll be able to monitor, track, and reference a variety of new tools and features. The 2014 models will come equipped with the UVO Roadside Assist where you will be able ensure your safety in case of a car accident. The Kia Roadside Assist notifies 911 operators upon deployment of air bags and can help with things like where you parked your car, and when your parking meter time is running out.


UVO eServices will also provide maintenance tracking and service records for the life of the vehicle's service history when serviced at any Kia facility.  Will there be teenagers driving the Kia vehicle? UVO eServices also comes with GPS tracking to let you know how far your teen has traveled, where, if they exceeded their curfew time, and even how many miles per hour they were driving! Wow! Although there is no way to shut the car off or disable the vehicle if a rule is broken, these tools can be used for preventative measures (and disciplinary efforts) to prove you have been observing their driving behaviors.


The best part of UVO eServices is that all these tools are on one easy to manage app and online with an account you create FREE! Kia Motors has really stepped up their game in consumer safety and making the driving world an all around better place to live! After the UVO eServices demonstration, we were able to take a sneak peek of the new 2014 Sorento with the phase two UVO eServices program. We'll talk more about the new 2014 models once returns from the Kia Motors Media Press Conference from January 28th – January 30th.


In the meantime, I recently had the opportunity to test drive the new 2013 Kia SX, and had a great time driving through mountains of snow at Big Bear Ski Resort in Big Bear, CA and all throughout the streets of Los Angeles! Even though the sedan is more of a compact car, it still treads smoothly through various types of weather without skidding once in the snow. This vehicle is best driven by those experiencing their first car, have a smaller number of people in their family (it seats 4-5 people comfortably), and those especially wanting to save on gas! This lovely compact car cost $32 for a full tank of gas (in California) and drove a good 250 miles on a full tank! Not bad at all! It's a cute car, and definitely recommend it for those wanting more value with their dollars spent with a starting MSRP of $13,600.

Kia Rio SX Featured

Here is my Video Review of the really cool interior features of the Kia Rio SX:

I'd love to take this moment to thank Kia for allowing my husband ( and I to experience CES and check out all the great exhibits! We got a sneak peek of all the HOT electronic gadgets and devices coming soon to the mass market and loved all the cool exhibits and “shows” the CES sponsors had to offer! Here are a few photos of what we did!

This post is brought to you by Kia Motors. All opinions are 100% mine.

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    Lisa Gibson
    February 26, 2013 at 2:16 AM

    I am sold.. I love the Kia Rio’s and this one sounds and looks like it would be a wonderful car to own. I have driven the older Kia Rio’s and I enjoyed it very much.. Excellent on gas and a very smooth riding car as well. This will definitely make the top of my list! Thank you for such a wonderful review!

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