The Easiest One-Step Ombre Vase DIY Tutorial Any Busy Mom Can Do

Ombre Vase DIY How To

Ombre Vase DIY How To

I love Pinterest, and I just know in my heart I can accomplish great things just like the perfectly photographed images on Pinterest. But let’s face it – as a busy mom, who can really make the time to do all that?! But THIS — this ombre vase DIY tutorial I discovered is SO easy that even I have time to do it. I’m always looking for DIY ways to up my home decor game, and with ombre vases making the 2017 home trends list, I had to try it!

Easy One Step Ombre Vase DIY Tutorial

Ombre Vase DIY How To

So are you ready for this?! It’s a one-step DIY tutorial. What in the what?! Yup, I’ve discovered something amazing called KRYLON colormaster Paint + Primer and it was an eye-opener on how much I can “make” and create with this thing. I’ve looked at other Pinterest articles and they were beginning to be too complex for a DIY newb such as myself.

There’s a catch, though. In order to master the ombre look, you must apply the step correctly using the KRYLON colormaster. But other than that, it really is easy and fast.

I love flower vases, because they are simple home decor “staples” for any home – you can use fresh flowers or faux flowers and add them to ANY room to add a touch of that ‘wow’ factor a boring room needs. I love to use them in my formal dining, my breakfast table, the kitchen island, on top of end tables, on the fireplace mantle, on my office desk, and even on my makeup vanity. The possibilities are endless with flower vases and the pop of color from flowers really make it a nice statement piece for any room.

Let me know how it went for you!

Ombre Vase DIY How To

Items Needed:
Glass Vase or Container
Spray Paint

1. In a well-ventilated area, place you vase topside down.

Ombre Vase DIY How To

2. Using even and quick strokes, apply spray paint to what would be the bottom of the vase. Be sure to move from one side to the other changing direction with each pass. There is no need to spray the sides of the vase; the paint from the top will mist over the sides as you spray.

Ombre Vase DIY How To

3. Allow to dry completely.

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