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Lora Bumatay Before and After Mommy Makeover Transformation

There’s something so charismatic and charming about Lora Bumatay’s smile! It speaks of kindness, optimism, and positivity. During our one-on-one conversations after dinner, we shared stories of life as moms and especially her life as an Assistant Principal. Her laugh is infectious, and her words full of encouragement.

Behind her beautiful smile and jolly laugh is a working mom and leader who reached out to us to help her gain her confidence back. Often meeting with parents, she felt like her confidence lacked in ways that she knew a makeover could change. “I want to find me again.” were the words she shared during her makeover.

Total Mom Makeover Before During Filming The It Mom


Check out Lora’s interview and her head turning before and after mommy makeover transformation on Total Mom Makeover!

Watch ‘Total Mom Makeover’ episode #8:

We learned some great tips and how-to’s from celebrity hairstylist Dusty Simington of Salon Gregories as well as from our very own Dream Team that we’re sharing with you today! Read all about it on tonight’s episode of Total Mom Makeover!

TIP #1: Simple products at home such as lemon juice with baking soda or apple cider vinegar can be used for clarifying hair.

TIP #2: Use moisturizers that are less oily during the day and save the heavier moisturizers for the night.

Lora Bumatay
Chula Vista, CA

DAISY: Do you have any children?
LORA: Yes: 3 children ages 24, 21, and 10

DAISY: What are your favorite hobbies and/or types of community service you serve in?
LORA: I love music and watching k-dramas. Bruno Mars has been on repeat in my car. I do my own version of Carpool Karaoke, lol!I have served on my district’s Filipino- American Parent and Student Conference committee both as a member and a chairperson for at least 15 years. We organize a day’s program of workshops that have to do with the Filipino-American community including college and career workshops, mental health, etc… In addition, I am also on the Karangalan Scholarship Committee where we fundraise and recognize high school seniors with college scholarships. Furthermore, I have played piano for my dad’s adult daycare center on occasion to provide them entertainment.

DAISY: Walk us through what your mornings look like getting everyone ready for the day:
LORA: Typically, I wake up at 6:15am and hop in the shower for about 15 minutes. I then wake up my son at 6:45am and tell him to get dressed. I finish getting ready and we are downstairs by 7:00am, where I feed him his breakfast, get his lunch together, and pack everything in his backpack. At about 7:20am, my son goes back upstairs to brush his teeth and then put his shoes on. We are out the door by 7:30. His school is about 15 minutes away. I drop him off and then I arrive at my work by 8:10.

DAISY: How do you typically style your hair on a normal day?


To find out the answer to this question, click on this link to access the continuation of the article at Total Mom Makeover. Have an exclusive look of the transformation of our makeover mom Lora Bumatay.

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