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On The Go? Why You’d Want an HP TouchSmart 14 Sleekbook Laptop

I’m always looking for my next “go to” computer since I spend more than half of my life on one. The HP Pavilion Touchsmart 14 Sleekbook is something I’ve wanted to get my hands on for a while. I know you probably want me to get to the good stuff and tell you exactly what I thought about the Sleekbook. I was compensated for this post and received the HP Pavilion Touchsmart 14 Sleekbook to review and keep! YAY!

HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14 Sleekbook 1

Is it stylish?
First of all, if you are looking for a stylish computer (my readers know how much I know my stylish items) then you are going to love the way the HP Pavilion looks. It’s easy to carry around, light weight, and just beautiful—and “sleek.” I feel as though I can carry this Sleekbook anywhere and still feel stylish and not “bulked” down by a laptop.

HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14 Sleekbook 6

What’s my favorite feature?
Picking out my favorite feature on the Sleekbook was hard, but I have fallen in love with the touch screen options. It’s so nice to be able to touch the item on the screen that I want to get to. (I’ve always struggled with a sticky mouse). So the touch screen feature is something I fell in love with on the HP Pavilion Touchsmart 14 Sleekbook.

HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14 Sleekbook 7

I’m not rich, nor will I ever claim to be. I look for a good deal as much as the next person. The HP Pavilion Touchsmart 14 Sleekbook retails for $649.99 and I think that is so affordable. If you can snag a Sleekbook for this price, then I think you’re doing great. I look at a computer as an investment and I really have an inkling that I will have no problem getting my money out of this Sleekbook.

HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14 Sleekbook 5

Details of the Sleekbook
I know some of you are probably looking for specific details on the Sleekbook, so I have that outlined for you right here.

Screen Size14 inches
Screen Resolution1366 x 768
Max Screen Resolution1366 x 768 pixels
Processor2.4 GHz A-Series Dual-Core A4-4355M
Hard Drive500 GB SATA
Graphics CoprocessorAMD Radeon HD 7400 G
Wireless Type802.11bgn
Number of USB 2.0 Ports1
Number of USB 3.0 Ports2
Average Battery Life3.5 hours

Some of us look at these details and we are like “woah.” But I encourage you to give the HP Pavilion Touchsmart 14 Sleekbook a try soon. Being able to use the touch screen and keyboard whenever I want is a true perk (in my opinion).

There you have it, my personal opinion on this awesome Sleekbook. I even created a video, so you can get a closer look at the Sleekbook. Watch my video right here and let me know what you think of the HP Pavilion Touchsmart 14 Sleekbook and if you will be purchasing one for yourself in the near future!

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