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iPad Otterbox Case Review

I love my iPad and mini iPad!!! They are an extension of me, my husband, and my business! They are probably the two most used products in my personal and business life. Not only do I use my iPad and mini iPad, but my children do as well. We use them every single day and THAT is a lot of handling and use. We all know that there is always the risk of dropping, getting wet, and just damaged by accidental mishaps. Why do they have to be so fragile?!?!?!?!

I am pretty sure my heart stops every time either pad was knocked over. I may have even let out a little scream once or twice just in fear of a crack or severe damage from being knocked over or handled carelessly! I need to protect them! These tools are valuable additions to my business and personal life, it is worth making sure that they are protected and taken care of. Most pad cases are somewhat protective, but the screen is still exposed leaving them vulnerable to cracks and liquid.


I LOOOOVVVEEEE, Love, Love, Love my OtterBox cases!!!! They are colorful, fun, functional, and super protective! I feel so much more confident about the safety of my iPad and mini iPad!

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Every Otterbox is built with a shock observing foam inside that will protect your device when dropped. The case protects your device from scratches, fingerprints, smudges, and well, just about everything that can happen!

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I love the iPad case because it also doubles as a stand. The stand is really great for when I am chatting via FaceTime with family or for business, and the kids love it for a hands free movie.

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I love adding color and personal style to my iPad with the OtterBox case. Some cases are just plain old boring. But the OtterBox has several color options. You can find fabulous deals for OtterBox cases OtterBox Defender Series Case for iPad Air – Frustration-Free Packaging – Glacier – White/Grey
and OtterBox Defender Series Case for iPad mini – Blushed – White/Pink.


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