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Chic and Fun Kids Fashion with the Evy of CA Hello Kitty KuKee App

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign about kids fashion with Pollinate Media Group™ and KuKee, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #KuKeeapp

Having four children means dealing with a lot of different personalities, but there's one thing my girls agree on (regardless of age) is their love (brand obsession) with Hello Kitty.  There is something adorably glittery, fun, and exciting when you see Hello Kitty's cartoon emblem on ANYTHING. When my four year old saw the package from KuKee come in, she was instantly excited over the fun app that had an interactive component that included Hello Kitty KuKee outfits we could purchase for girls at Macy's. So guess where we shopped next?

Hello Kitty Kukee 6 Hello Kitty Kukee 5

We headed to the Macy’s at Galleria at Sunset (our local mall here in Henderson) to discover the Hello Kitty line by Evy of CA  (it's an exclusive product line you can scan with the KuKee app to make your own Hello Kitty magic happen with finger puppets and finger tattoos). And the outfits we picked out were ADORABLE! You seriously will love the hint of sparkles and funk fusion these outfits are combined together with the infamous Hello Kitty characters! My daughter loves modeling in cute outfits – no doubt, she's mine! Ha!

Hello Kitty Kukee 1 Hello Kitty Kukee 2

Hello Kitty Kukee 3 Hello Kitty Kukee 4

You can mix and match pieces, and add on accessories. We integrated some pieces of clothing that my daughter already had to play up how she wanted to be styled. There are a variety of looks you can get because the colors they use are neutral and feminine – from pink, gray, black, and white. Hello Kitty is so timeless (in fact, even before MY time) and the balance of style for each piece creates a flattering look on any little girl. Not too much sparkle, not too much bling, and definitely not boring. My daughter is selective when it comes to her outfits (she definitely gets that from TheItDad), but I could not get her to take these Hello Kitty outfits off!

It is a true interactive experience complete with photo booth style photos and animation both with your child's creative imagination and from the smartphone app.  Juliana had a lot of fun playing puppet show with her older brother, Jude, and putting on the finger tattoos were really cool too.

Hello Kitty Kukee 7 Hello Kitty Kukee 11

Get ready to unlock the fun with KuKee – an outrageously, fun portal that activates unique augmented reality experiences. KuKee is an awesome adventure of cool new content, fun user-experiences and zany attitude.

Using the KuKee app is simple:
1. Download the app (it’s free!)
Hello Kitty Kukee 10
2. Find the marker/label (the marker is ON the garments)
Hello Kitty Kukee 9
3. Aim the scanner to activate, and the fun comes to life!
Hello Kitty Kukee 8
It’s KuKee time! Unlock the fun!

When you download the KuKee app, the folks at Evy of CA would love to see pics of your little ones on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!

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