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CHALLENGE: Tired of Paper Pushing? Time To Get Organized With A Brother P-Touch Labeler

A disorganized home is one of my biggest frustrations. We live a busy life and with a family of six, staying organized is one of the most challenging tasks we face. One minute the house is in order, and literally less than an hour later, it’s like we never even bothered to clean up. And sadly, we can’t blame the children for all the mess. In our room, we have papers stacked on tables, book shelves, and the TV stand. We don’t have the proper set-up as far as where everything should go, therefore, everything goes where everything falls. The past two years have really pushed us to get things in order. With 3 blogs to manage, my husband being in school, serving at church, and so many other responsibilities, we just simply could not afford to be disorganized with paperwork and everything else. So this is where the P-touch really helped us get it together.

PTouch Labeler

Paper work has been tough. Although we had a file cabinet, labeling everything will be a task in it’s own! Eventually you run out of space, or the need for it changes. With the labeler, instead of having to throw away folders because they were no longer valid, we are considering just re-labeling them to save time (and money). We will need labels for  all the types of mail and paperwork we get – so now, instead of creating a stack of paperwork, we can separate them, prioritize them, and properly put them away. Our goal is to eliminate time consumption and keep a clear view on things we need to stay up to date with. Let’s not forget how much CLEANER our room will look!

P-Touch Brother Labeler 2

After all the projects we’ve been holding off on for a while now, it looks like we can use the P-touch for so many other things around the house! Hooray! What’s great about this P-Touch Labeler are cool options that allow you to have different colors, font types, and symbols (to make it visually appealing to the creative ones in our home – including my husband!). After trying out a label, it looks like you won’t have to worry about the labels looking overwhelming because it blends in with the furniture and accessories around the house. As funny as it sounds, we have may just use this on labeling some of the children’s things to prevent arguments – they can’t argue about cups or toys with a label that has their name on it! With the kid’s rooms, drawers, and appliances around the home – this may be the missing piece of the puzzle we needed to KEEP our home neat and tidy!

P-Touch Brother Labeler 1

I am thrilled to see what difference The P-touch can really make on close to 2-years of clutter! It will allow the process of our work to be more efficient because we know where everything is without having to scramble looking for it. It’s one of those things you don’t realize you need until you actually have it! The P-Touch just may be the epiphany to not only organize our home but even our lives!

Now that you’ve seen a small window of the before pictures –  stay tuned for the next blog post on how it all came together and more of the projects we ended up using it for at the end of the month! We’ll get to see if  the Brother P-Touch Labeler PT-D200 stood up to the challenge of our messy house!

Be sure to visit the Brother Office Facebook Page for more conversations on organization and to check out posts from other bloggers who are using labelers to get their homes in order too.

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Brother P-Touch and received a product sample to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

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