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Playtime Keurig

This post is sponsored by The Original Donut Shop® Coffee from Keurig®. All opinions are my own.

There are days when you just want to curl up on the couch with a cup of The Original Donut Shop® Coffee, the #1 selling variety of K-Cup® pods in the U.S., made fresh with the press of a button from your Keurig® brewer, and watch the kids as they run around and play. Today, you have other plans! Well, you can still have The Original Donut Shop® Coffee to sprinkle some fun into your day, but it’s time to let your inner child out and join the kids!

Do you remember what it’s like to be a kid? When you didn’t have a care in the world? Me neither, and it’s time to change all that. Moms, I know that we are all busy and struggle to find that “me time”, but that “me time” can also be spent having fun with the kids. It doesn’t always have to be a day of massages or manicures – although those do sound REALLY good right about now. As long as you’re having fun and are stress-free, all your worries are out the door. In my opinion that is “me time”. Plus think about it, you’re multitasking (a mom’s favorite word). You’re spending quality time with the kiddos while doing something for yourself. Do I hear the words “#1 Mom” in your future?


It seems like as we get older, we are forced to grow up and be an “adult”. Why is that? All you hear is don’t do that, stop that, don’t act like that, or the worst, act like an adult. But what does act like an adult really mean? That’s why I have learned to live my life like a kid! Well, kind of. I mean I still have to commit to my “adult” duties. I pay the bills, make sure the kids are still alive and I think I have a dog somewhere. And when necessary, I act like an adult, in my business casual attire and briefcase in hand, in my pajamas with a baby in hand or even in workout clothes with a baby in a stroller. You get the picture.

Now I enjoy just being in the kitchen with the kids. Yes, very mom-like. We like to bake up a little dessert to nibble on… okay, okay, I devour the whole thing before they get their hands on it, but hey, I baked it right? I consider that quality time with them, and for me, I enjoy baking – it helps me relax, believe it or not. I also enjoy eating but that’s a whole other story! On the other hand, when my inner child is ready to party, I grab a ping pong paddle and compete for the next ping pong championship. OH, or kick some booty on the basketball court, my opponent may be an 8-year kid but, MEH, technicalities.

Daisy for Keurig

Some days I’m not in much of a sporty mood! That’s when I grab my favorite board game or puzzle. Even better why not take it outdoors. A change of scenery can do wonders to relieve stress and remind you of those days of camping out in the backyard (although I never did that). If you enjoy the great outdoors then enjoy the fresh air and the smell of fresh cut grass – where I live it’s mostly artificial so I can’t enjoy that – oh and most importantly don’t forget the bug spray!

The It Mpm Playful

The whole point is that there’s a time to be an adult, but we should also take time to let our inner child out. I don’t mean to start pulling hair, throwing tantrums or refuse to do chores, even though I do that sometimes – refusing to do chores I mean, not the pulling hair. But most importantly #HAVEMOREFUN! So, go ahead – live a little. Laugh a lot! Hey, even pull a prank or two (I won’t tell). Find the moments in life that make you smile and the coffee that does the same. Game!

Playtime Keurig

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