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Summer is Hot! Get Cooler In Cotton

It's now summertime here in Las Vegas, so you know what that means? 100+ degree weather – yuck! As much as I love living here, the hot summer months are challenging when it comes to keeping cool. The moment I step out of the house, it feels like I just stepped into an oven! Sweat starts pouring down and my clothes start sticking to my skin. It's such an uncomfortable feeling, not to mention it looks bad when walking into a meeting!

I know that what we wear has a lot to do with this. So, I naturally try to wear tank tops, lighter clothing and the color white, you know, summer appropriate fashion. But, more than just the style or design of my outfit, what I failed to take into account was what material it was made of. Now, to stay cooler in the heat, I've made it a goal to stick to cotton (not literally).

Cotton is a natural fiber that is breathable and lightweight, which helps us keep cool during the warm weather. As a life & style blogger, I appreciate the versatility of cotton made outfits, because I can always find a style to fit the occasion, whether its a casual day at the office or a fancy event in the evenings.

Cotton Dress

You may not realize it, but the majority of the clothing you already own are probably cotton, because it is fashionable, trendy and it is quality material. With blends that have 60% cotton or higher for all apparel and 90% or higher for denim, you can benefit from the qualities cotton has to offer. You know what one of the main benefits I really like with cotton? It does not retain odors! This is very important to me because I am always around other people.

Cotton Jumpsuit

Another advantage I really like about cotton is the fact that (most of the time) it doesn’t need to be dry cleaned, so that saves us a lot of money. This is crucial because we has a family of 6! So can you imagine our laundry loads at the moment? Summer is hot, but it's also the time when we're out and about the most. So the benefit is not only keeping our bodies cooler, but keeping laundry loads lower.

This summer, stay cooler by wearing cotton. You'd be surprised what a difference it makes. You'd also be surprised how many items you already have in your closet that are cotton. So do yourself a favor. Don't suffer through the heat or deal with an uncomfortable situation. Let cotton help you stay cooler, physically and fashionably.

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