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More Radiance + Beauty with Target Bathery

Post sponsored by Lunchbox. Opinions are 100% my own

Post sponsored by Lunchbox. Opinions are 100% my own

Every one loves the feeling of beautiful, radiant and amazing skin. So, when it comes to purchasing soaps, salts, facial scrubs and skincare products, we all want the best, even if it means investing a little bit more. I'm sure you know what works best for your body, and I don't doubt that you have a great product for your skin care, but did you know that the existing products you are using now can work even better when use with the proper beauty tools?

Target Bathery Beauty Tools

The Target Bathery products can help make sure you do just that! Get the most out of your skincare, face cleansers, body scrubs, etc. by visiting your favorite Target store and checking out the Specialty Bath section. Using these products will give you a new found appreciation for the products you already have, by enhancing their effectiveness, giving you healthier and more radiant skin.

The Bathery line can be found exclusively at Target stores. Find the right beauty tool to partner with your skincare products and make the most of your beauty routine. Here are a few that I have already decided to try out myself!

Delicate sponges are soft when soap is applied. More gentle on your skin, while still receiving an all-over, thorough cleanse. For a boosted effect, try pairing them with ME! Body Wash, new at Target, found with the Let’s SPA items.

Target Bathery 2

The well designed Massager must be used with lotions and oils, and feel amazing. With an ergonomic handle for maximum control, the massaging nubs provide a deep tissue massage that help relax tense muscles. Apply the massager in circular motions to work the product into your skin.

Target Bathery Beauty Tools and Accessories

The Bathery Exfoliating Bath Gloves gives you a more efficient exfoliating with a scrub or soap. It feels soft, but works hard to give your body what it needs to stay fresh and clean!

Bath Shower Gloves

So “Soak It All Up!” Get more from your skincare products with The Bathery line exclusively at Target stores.

Target Bathery Beauty Tools

Want to hear what others are saying about the Target Bathery beauty tools? Check out what beauty expert Allison Anderson has to say in her post and learn about more Bathery products, exclusively at Target.

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