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Menguin – The Easiest Way to Rent Your Tux

With prom and wedding season at it’s peak right now, a lot of you guys out there are probably wondering where the best places are to rent a suit or tuxedo. Sure, there are many options at the malls and shopping centers nearby, but nothing makes renting a tux easier than from the convenience of your own home. This is where Menguin comes into the picture.

Menguin Mens Suit

Menguin Suit 4 piece

Now, you can choose a style you like, get custom fitted and have it delivered to your door, all from you home, office or wherever you may be. Menguin wants to take the stress and hassle out of suit and tux rentals. With everyone around you probably having similar prom dates and wedding dates, chances are that many of the retail stores you try will be very busy and may not have the styles you are looking for. With Menguin, you have a wide variety of modern and custom styles to check out, so don’t stress!

Menguin Rental Instructions

Here is how it works:

1. Pick your tux style

2. Get fitted online

3. Get it shipped to your door

4. Return it

That’s it! One thing I love about being to place an order through Menguin is that I can do it at anytime. With a busy schedule and other preparations that need to be made with prom, weddings and other formal events, we just wanted to make everything convenient, without compromising the quality and look of what you will be wearing. This is exactly what Menguin allows us to do.

Menguin Blazer Tie

Menguin Cuff Links

Menguin Dress Shoes

Aside from just the sharp suit, Menguin also has a variety of accessories to enhance the look of your rental. Shoes, ties, bowties, blazer and cuffs just to name a few. With all these put together for you, you will look effortlessly stylish and you will have saved more time and effort. Also, check out Menguin’s Pinterest board for some wedding inspirations!

So do yourself a favor and make your plans a little simpler. Go to and get a style that looks great, but simple to create. Your special day only happens once so you want to make every moment count, and preparation is where it starts.

Menguin Coat Tie

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