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Let’s Talk Fitness Fashion – Where Style Meets Functionality #MakeYourMove

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We talk so much about getting fit and healthy but don’t emphasize much on an important piece of the fitness pie — fitness style! What I love about Kohl’s is the ability to purchase everything in one place! Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are still my own. I have personally found that confidence starts from within, but when you look good you feel good! If there’s any kind of fitness motivation that will pump you up, it should be the way you look sweating in a cute outift! Gone are the days of ragged workout clothes. When fitness becomes your lifestyle, you’ll want to invest in that lifestyle and look your best to feel your best!

If any of you were like me when I first started getting in the groove of my fitness rituals, I found myself confused and frustrated with the hundreds of types of sports bras, athletic shoes, workout pants and workout tops. You would think one could easily grab a few items and go, right? WRONG! Just like having the right fitness gadgets to make you most efficient, the same goes with the outfit you are wearing. Think of your fitness outfit as a collaboration or partnership between style and functionality. As it should be! You wouldn’t show up to the gym in your stillettos, would you? Choose your outfits wisely and make it count!

To get the most out of your fitness, I broke it all down to give you the scoop on all things fitness attire. We’ll talk about different types of clothing and shoes and what they’re best used for so you aren’t left guessing when you head out to your nearby Kohl’s to begin shopping. And to make things more visually appealing, I created a Mood Board to help you see how all the moving pieces (no pun intended) work together for the good of health.

We’ll start from head to toe!

Pink Headband
Why they’re important: Hair accessories keep your hair away from your eyes so you can stay focused on the prize! They can keep you cool, warm, and are stylish fitness pieces. Perfect for that morning run!

Types of hair accessories to choose from:
Headbands: Headbands are “one-size fits all” and come in a variety of different colors, widths, materials and styles depending on your style. Ideal for short hair or long hair when you’re strength training.

Hair Ties: Hair ties are great for pulling your hair back into a ponytail, bun of poofy bun. Ideal for those with long hair who need to wrap them up and away during workouts. Hair ties protect hair from damage and from getting caught onto equipment and getting tangled.

Hair Clips: Hair clips can pin hair half-up or tame shorter hair and bobs from getting in the way of your workouts. Hair clips are ideal without claws so they don’t hurt your head.

Which one is right for you?

long sleeve shirt
Why they’re important: Not only do they look good, they feel good. Whatever the weather, you will always have a specific style to choose from to suit your workout routine. Always go for the material that keeps you as dry as possible from sweat, and be weather appropriate.

Types of fitness tops to choose from:
Long-Sleeve: Long-sleeves are ideal for outdoor workouts during the cold seasons, and during those hot yoga sessions indoors and for group fitness classes. It’s great for cardio sessions when you’re trying to burn as many calories as possible, because you want to sweat as many of those calories out that you can.

Short-Sleeve: Short-sleeves are ideal for cross-fit and strength training workouts because it allows you to see and focus on the upper body muscles you are working out. It keeps you cool enough during the hot outdoor workouts. This is ideal for non-cardio workout sessions.

Tank-Tops: Tank-tops are ideal for hot summer seasons when you wish you could workout naked! This is especially true when living in desert climates like Las Vegas and Arizona. It can keep you cool, but beware of the sun and make sure you’re using proper sun protection to prevent sunburns. It’s also a good add-on to layer your workout outfit under a long-sleeved shirt or jacket…when you can’t take the heat or sweat, take it off!

Jackets: Jackets are ideal for any season when you’re looking to burn as many calories as possible by sweating it off during your cardio session, run, or group fitness class. My favorite types of jackets are the yoga jackets with the thumbholes because they’re stylish and keep sleeves down (important during workouts). You can layer your fitness outfit with a jacket by wearing a long-sleeved, short-sleeved, or tank-top under. As with all tops – be sure to find clothing in the fitness section where the material is made to keep your clothing as possible.

Which one is right for you?

Green Sports Bra
Why they’re important: When you’re active, chest protection in important! Sports bras give your breasts that extra protection and comfort through all your twists, turns, jumps and runs. They keep the ladies in place and prevent soreness and future sagging, because the less movement in your breasts during a workout, the less likely your skin and Cooper’s ligaments (these are ligaments near the breast that give your breasts the firmness, size and shape) from breaking down. Once you stretch out those Cooper’s ligaments, they’ll sag and do not bounce back again.

Types of sports bras to choose from:

Bra Tanks: Ideal for low impact activities only (not for running), bra tanks (or shimmels) are pretty much tank tops with a built-in shelf bra. This is ideal for walking, stretching, or light yoga.

Medium-Impact: Medium-impact sports bras are compression bras that offer medium support to the amount of compression against the chest, restricting medium impact type movement. This is ideal for low to medium impact activities such as light jogging, strength training, and yoga.

High-Impact: High-impact sports bras are compression bras that offer full support to the amount of compression against the chest, restricting high impact type movement. This is ideal for high impact activities such as running, cross-fit, cardio, and group fitness classes where there are lots of jumping, dancing (Zumba, for example), and active movement.

Side Note: Straps should also be an important factor to consider when researching the best type of support for you. The thinner the straps, the less support. Spaghetti straps are great for bra tanks (shimmels) with low impact activities and racer-back straps will offer you more support — the wider the straps the more support for your breasts and back. Don’t forget to consider sports bras that offer material that will keep you dry as well. As much as I love sweating from a good workout, I hate the icky feeling of soaking wet clothes and bras.

Which one is right for you?

Workout Bottoms
Why they’re important: Workout and fitness pants are made to keep you feeling comfortable and are functional to your workout movements for your lower body. Depending on your workout routine, workout pants will not only allow you to perform comfortably, it will also allow you to perform at your best – not to mention they make you look good! There are tons of style, colors, fit and brands to choose from — it’s more a matter of your own unique style and the type of workout you plan to accomplish.

Types of workout pants to choose from:
Yoga Pants or Yoga Leggings: There has been much debate between the yoga pants and yoga leggings. Yoga pants flare at the bottoms and oftentimes have a top that folds over. Leggings are usually made of a thinner material, and are tight all the way to the ankle. Leggings can also have a top that folds over depending on the brand. Although yoga pants are used primarily for yoga, you can still use them for a variety of workouts. Again, it’s all about your level of comfort.

Running Tights and Running Shorts: Running pants come in different forms. Runners wear tights to benefit from their performance and protective qualities as well as the benefits of compression gear. Finding a good, comfortable fitting pair of running tights is important because wearing the wrong size and/or wrong material can mean tights riding up and irritating your ankles or riding down below your waist. Running shorts are often worn with or without running tights and come with a liner to protect from the wind.

Capri-Length and Full-Length Workout Pants: The type of length for workout pants are your own preference and choice of style. Both can be flattering based on your body frame, and are made for comfort, mobility, and style. Stretch fabrics with breathability are the best options along with a drawstring or stretchy waistband. With so many colors, designs, and fabrics to choose from – this is your opportunity to let your own unique sense of style show!

Which one is right for you?

Womens Nike Shoes
Why they’re important: I consider the shoes we wear the foundation of our workouts! Not only are they stylish and show how serious we are about our fitness, they give us more support than we realize. Shoes support not just our feet, but also our legs and back and give us the perfect form. When trying on althetic shoes, here are some tips to follow thanks to the tips we found on FootCareMD:
When the shoe is on your foot, you should be able to freely wiggle all of your toes.
The shoes should be comfortable as soon as you try them on. There is no break-in period.
Walk or run a few steps in your shoes. They should be comfortable.
There should be a firm grip of the shoe to your heel. Your heel should not slip as you walk or run.
If you participate in a sport three or more times a week, you need a sport-specific shoe.
Proper fitting athletic shoes can enhance performance and prevent injuries.

Kohl’s has shoes for walking, running and high performance for all types of shoe sizes and comfort.

Types of athletic shoes to choose from:
Walking Shoes: This is ideal for walking for cardiovascular conditioning and is a lightweight shoe. It’s best to look for extra shock absorption in the heel of the shoe and especially under the ball of the foot to help reduce any potential heel pains. Walking shoes are more ridgid in the front so you can roll off your toes rather than bend through them as you do with running shoes.

Running Shoes: The soles are thicker, have good heel control and contain more shock absorption on running shoes. This is ideal for running, cardio, dancing such as zumba, and aerobics and should be lightweight.

Cross-Trainers Shoes: Cross-trainers offers flexibility along with lightweight cushioning, increased shock absorption, and non-marking rubber outsole ensures superior traction. They combine several of the features of running and walking shoes so that you can participate in more than one sport. This is ideal so you don’t need a different pair of shoes for every sport in which you participate.

Which one is right for you?

Kohls Make Your Move Fitness Fashion

Runner Fashion
1. Nike Dri Fit Running Shorts
2. Tek Gear Racer Back Tank
3. Nike Dri Fit Sports Bra
4. Asics Gel Exalt Running Shoes
5. Monster Over Ear Headphones

Cross-Fit Fashion
1. Tek Gear Workout Leggings
2. Wallflower Caged Side Sports Bra
3. Nike Flex Athletic Shoes
4. Tek Gear Fleece Hoodie
5. Artland Hydration Water Bottle

Yoga Fashion
1. Simpy Vera Wang Simply Breathe Yoga Pants
2. Tonic Serene Top, Black
3. Nux Yoga Sports Bra, Zest Orange
4. Gaiam Paisley Flower Yoga Mat
5. Bamboo Yoga Block

My hope is that you find some style inspiration in the midst of working your butt off to be healthy, fit, and strong. I’d love to see photos of your workout outfits too, so be sure to send us an email or leave a comment below on your fitness fashion! How are you planning to #MakeYourMove?

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Kohl’s.

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    I do a bunch of different exercise – I walk, Nordic walk, Pilates, weights….and finding a good bra seems to always be a challenge!

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    March 7, 2015 at 2:45 AM

    Nux Yoga Sports Bra, Zest Orange is such a cool one, I’m gonna buy it! Great picks!

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