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Bed Wetting: Many parents are unaware that bedwetting is a developmental condition (called nocturnal enuresis) and is not something a child can be trained out of. Learning how to manage it can cause stress between parent and child that ultimately impacts the child’s self-esteem and confidence. 43% of parents incorrectly believe they can train their kids out of bedwetting. GoodNites wants to educate parents on the important differences between potty training and bedwetting so they will know if their child is experiencing the condition and can provide them with the best solution to keep them dry, comfortable and confident.

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GoodNites Underwear are the most absorbent pants for boys and girls ages 4 and up. Specially made to protect while lying down, they help keep pajamas and bedding dry all night long and feature plush comfort with a discreet design. GoodNites Underwear help them maintain a sense of privacy and self-esteem until your child outgrows bedwetting. With GoodNites Underwear, there’s no need for a child to worry about wet sheets and other disruptions.

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Be sure to sign up for the undercover mission online for your chance to win weekly prizes by going to the GoodNites Facebook pageUse the following code to enter: 8675 

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