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Buy Thomas & Friends to Earn Big Rewards at Walmart!

My children love Thomas & Friends and I swear they're destined to be engineers or architects in their adult lives! This post is sponsored by Lunchbox. All opinions are my own. Jude and Juliana are intelligent and love playing with toys where they are able to work through figuring out a solution. It came as no surprise when we started shopping for birthday gifts for their friends! And when we sought out for the perfect birthday gift, the children agreed that Thomas & Friends was the way to go!

We arrived at Walmart and found just what we needed in the toy aisle and electronics (DVD) aisle. The products we chose came hand-in-hand together nicely. It was the kids' absolute fave and they wanted these two items so bad!

Thomas and Friends 1

The Take-N-Play™ Spills & Thrills: Tilt the tracks against the wall then lift the gate to send Thomas racing down to the paint shed! As he zooms downward, Thomas triggers exciting actions, knocks over the signal, crosses over the drawbridge, sends the cargo down the zip-line, and crashes through the paint shed! This was priced at $24.94

Spills & Thrills DVD: All aboard for an adventure with Thomas & Friends™! Come along for exciting journeys with your engine friends as they laugh, learn and explore the world around them in these fun-filled DVDs the whole family will love! This was priced at $9.96

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Want to know something even better?! Thomas & Friends has a rewards program on Thomas & Friends™ Journey To Rewards is the only program that rewards you for buying all your little engineer's favorite Thomas & Friends™ toys, tracks, clothing, DVDs, and more at Walmart. It's simple: Shop at Walmart, scan your receipt and earn big rewards when you buy all year-round.

From the two Thomas & Friend purchases I made, I earned 1,060 points for the Take-N-Play™ Spills & Thrills and 600 points for the Spills & Thrills DVD with a total of 1,660 points! There's a $5 eGift Card I was able to redeem with just 1,400 points! YAY! I'm using this $5 eGift Card on couponing at Walmart!

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Super easy to do…

Step 1: How does it work?
After logging in and going through the initial tutorial, select from the list of featured Thomas & Friends™ products on the first tab. Each Thomas & Friends™ product will have a relative point value redeemable for rewards.

Step 2: Snap your receipt
Select from qualifying retailers. Take a clear photo of your receipt or load from your camera roll.

Step 3: Review your image
After previewing the receipt image for readability and clarity, click “upload this photo” to submit.
If you think the image can be better, click “retake this photo” to try again.
Read the tips and don’t forget to upload the entire receipt including the logo, date and total.
Remember, the better the image quality the easier it will be to get your rewards.

Step 4: Submit your photo!
Once the image has been received you will get a quick status update. Submissions will pass very quickly through our system – sometimes in a few minutes. We will read the receipt and make sure you get credit for all your qualifying Thomas & Friends™ product purchases. We always want to make sure we are not missing anything and we will send you a text message as soon as the points have been awarded. You can also view the Activity tab any time you want to check.

Step 5: Redeem!
Now you have your loyalty points, select from your available rewards and redeem! You will receive an email with the status of your reward, how and when you will receive it.

Step 6: Now you are a pro!
Add the page icon to your home screen and use just like an app to win even more loyalty points in the future.

What would you buys with their rewards program?

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Lunchbox. All opinions are my own.

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