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This past weekend, our family got to enjoy the Kia Classic events in the beautiful city of San Diego thanks to Kia Motors. It started off with the delivery of the 2014 Kia Sorento EX for our trip. Kia has definitely stepped up their game! The team at Kia have made significant improvements to their style and performance for this model. Not only has Kia done major research and design to create a more elegant and sophisticated look, they've also made sure to consider and value the safety of the families and individuals who purchase their vehicles, evident from all the features they've added and improved. We were so pleased with this vehicle. Our ride to Sand Diego was so comfortable and pleasant because the kids stayed happy the whole 4 1/2 hours, something that rarely happens! One of the things that we all really enjoyed using was the sunroof that goes from front to the rear, it was nice to have during the awesome weather. Plus, as much luggage as we brought, I couldn't believe that there was still so much room left, it's perfect for a large family like ours. I also appreciate that the interior was meant to provide not just comfort alone, but also class.  With interior accent illumination, a push start Smart Key, leather trim and more, you can't help but feel the luxury. And, with its V6 engine and all-wheel drive, we got there in no time – with safety in mind of course. High performance, quality interior/exterior design with advanced technology is how I will describe the 2014 Kia Sorento. There were numerous new features that make the 2014 Kia Sorento such a desirable vehicle for our family.


KiaAviaraphoto (9)

After the fun ride, we arrived in Carlsbad, San Diego at the beautiful Park Hyatt Aviara Resort, greeted by a very pleasant staff. It was such a great feeling being catered to by such an attentive team. This resort really knows how to make their guests feel welcome and they always made sure not to neglect anyone while assisting other guests. The place is gorgeous inside and out – it felt like paradise being there! It had such an elegant atmosphere and at the same time they were very family friendly, one of the things we noticed during the whole stay. The valet, the front desk, the housekeeping staff and all the employees there always had a smile on their face and never once failed to greet us. This was truly one of the best hotel experiences we have ever had.

SkyBoxTehWiephoto (10)

One of the most memorable moments on this trip was the opportunity to meet and mingle with LPGA star Michelle Wie. Thank you Kia Classic for this honor. Michelle was such a humble, down to earth person. She made sure to take pictures with everyone including “TheItFam”, and took time out to ask questions about our blogs. She even shared a story of how much she loves her Kia! We were then give access to the Skybox where we enjoyed delicious food and drink as we watched the LPGA tournament – Kia, you spoil us! It was a cool experience seeing LPGA players and being able to watch the games in person. For the rest of the day we went swimming at the gorgeous Hyatt Aviara Resort heated pool, then headed out to dinner with rest of the group – the family had such a great time, a very memorable day!

photo (8)DSC03056

The fun didn't end there! On our last day, we got to take the family to Legoland California! It was our second visit there and we had as much fun, if not more, than the first time (because we got to do more activities). I love this place because there is plenty to do for all ages so everyone is happy. What made the day even more pleasant is that there are no super long lines for rides or shoulder to shoulder crowds. They have a friendly staff and a good mixture of fun rides for kids of all sizes, a sea-life attraction and a huge water park . I encourage everyone to check out Legoland California, you're kids will love you more!

Thanks again Kia for the awesome weekend at the Kia Classic event!

*100% of the opinions expressed are my own based on my experience with Kia Motors.



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    The Mom Jen
    March 28, 2013 at 9:36 PM

    Daisy it was so great to meet you, your family was so sweet and you guys are all so gorgeous! Glad you had a great time, it was amazing no? Hope to see you again soon!

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