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And The Worst Phone Customer Service Award Goes To…Who Would You Nominate?

There isn't one adult person I know who hasn't experienced terrible customer service at least once in their adulting life. I guess I set the bar pretty high as someone who was once (and still currently works) in a customer facing environment that required building relationships — I was taught to be positive, find the quickest and most efficient solutions, to lend our ear to hear them vent when they are frustrated, and to all-in-all care about people.

It's my natural instinct as a mother to nurture and care for others, so when I get stuck in the middle of a terrible customer service call, it's cringey. The most terrible customer service experience I had was with our (previous) cable company. It's worth mentioning that I noted ‘previous' for a reason — they were so bad that we ended up canceling our service with them and going with a satellite tv provider.

The call started off bad to begin with, because of countless options and then long hold times. Unfortunately the first representative was not very knowledgeable in answering my questions or solving my issues and ended up transferring me to another representative in which I was put on hold longer. The second representative provided explanations of product details that didn't make sense, was unclear to a solution and kept pushing up-sells and upgrades. After being passed to three different representatives with no solution, continual unsolicited up-selling and having been on the call for over thirty minutes; I finally let them know my disdain and canceled my cable service.

If only the cable company had T-Mobile’s Team of Experts Platform at the time – they could've possibly would work better for them (and you!)

So what is this T-Mobile Team of Experts, you ask??? T-Mobile has launched Team of Experts – a first of its kind customer service model, that fixes the broken way companies handle customer care and makes T-Mobile customers feel important, valued and…pretty much like rock stars.

T-Mobile’s latest Un-carrier move takes aim at the biggest pain point yet – the old, broken customer care model that has frustrated Americans for decades. You see, things that I had to deal with (being bounced around to different departments and different representatives who danced around in circles with jargon and up-sells) are all out the window! Because with Team of Experts, when you call or message T-Mobile, you get the same tight-knit team of customer care professionals dedicated just to you and others in your city, EVERY time. There are no more robots or automated phone menus. No frustrated shouting of “representative.” You now have your own entourage at T-Mobile dedicated to you and your happiness. You can even see a photo of your Team of Experts in the T-Mobile App on iOS and Android. How unconventionally awesome is that?!

Team of Experts is customer care on YOUR terms. Real humans answering the phone and real humans answering your messages. And when you message your Team in the T-Mobile app, it’s just like messaging a friend. You’re not locked into a messaging ‘session’ with a bot. You can leave and come back to the thread anytime you like – just like a text conversation – because Team of Experts is full of real people ready to help. That’s something that every busy mom (or busy anybody) can appreciate!

Have you had a terrible customer service situation via phone with a company you deal with regularly (i.e. your cable company)? Share your story in the comments below and nominate a company who it would work better for and could would benefit them (and you) in T-Mobile’s Team of Experts Platform!

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